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NYU Summer 97 - Westcoast Style  
A bunch of us from Syracuse lived at NYU last summer (1997). Josh and I pulled the biggest scam of all time trying to get a place to stay for the summer. Ten guys in a what is probably one of the nicest places NYU has to offer. You can't leave this page without taking a look at the quoteboard.

Common Room Madness
Our place was huge - this picture does it no justice whatsoever. Anyway, it was a place to crash for the summer - no furniture, no TV, no window - the walls are covered with NYC subway maps (the cheapest decor available).

The tiny room Josh & I shared
Josh and I shared a room - and we hooked up all the time.

We call him
Newman at his finest. The poot kid invites his NCAA-Champion Boxer friend up for the weekend. They get drunk and thrown out of the Elbow Room, fight when they get back to NYU (note the black eye), and then Josh goes and pukes on himself in his own bed. Poor kid. I won't even mention the scorpion.

updated: 9.27.98