pats game family fieldtrip. october 2004. 
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quoteboard 2007

McD: "Yo, you still on mott street?"
Grell: "Yeah?
McD: "Yeah, will I'm still hittin' it!"

- I'm not sure McD even knows what we was talking about (10/7)

"I'm a dumb old F**k and don't know how to use pal-pal. Also my damn AOL is now not working and that dumb son of mine can't walk me through the solution !!!! I'll call Den and have him pay you. Thanks Big Dig"
- What Alex gets to deal as commissioner of the football pool (9/14)

"I'm a nobody!"
- My response after overhearing Will Forte (SNL cast member) asking Dianne whether I was a CAA client or a writer. (9/9)

SJS: "When I type in letters on my keyboard, I'm getting numbers. I think I'm in an ARG."
Melinger: "It's called NUMLOCK."

- The kids at a/c love love love their ARGs! (8/29)

"It's like we're on Puerto Rican Avenue!"
- Overheard (some stoopid frat monkey girl) on Avenue B (8/14)

"I dont think he'll get to a kill screen before 8 pm or so."
- A totally un-ironic Jen D over IM, inviting me to see the King of Kong star face off at Dave & Busters in NYC (8/13)

"Did you guys really go on the slide? Did you guys buy ticket?"
- says K2 just after we got kicked off the Tunk carnival slide afterhours (er, for running up) (8/11)

"Believe me, if i was chasing skirt I'd be fucking ripped!"
- Overheard during an area/code all-nighter (7/23)

"Hermione, take a chill pill."
- says some super Harry Potter nerd to the kind-of cute bookstore girl (yes, dressed like Hermione) as she made an effort to herd the nerds queueing up in a Barnes & Noble in Washington DC (7/20)

"Your girlfriend is taking night classes at the Univeristy of My Balls."
- says Mike.d @ Fenway (6/16)

"I wish that Alex Rainert posted more photos of his dog on Flickr."
- again, overheard in the a/c office (6/14)

"Prindle19: anyone going to Pigeon 2.0 next year?"
- Overheard on the Where 2.0 IRC channel during The Pigeon Talk (5/30)

"We need to get T-bone in here so we can daisy chain these branch boys together"
- More a/c banter from Frank (5/14)

"all grunge rock is are anthems... wahhhh..ooohhhhwaaaahahahhahaha"
- Harryh breaking down the 90s for us. (5/2)

"Below Houston is the new Upper East Side."
- Overheard during Just Another Night in the LES. (4/28)

Alex: subject line for this?
Dens: "team dodgeball resigning from google"
Alex: "smell you later"?

- Me and Alex crafting our internal goodbye-google email. (4/2)

"Which one did you make out with?"
"One of the Asian girls... oh wait, they're all Asian"

- Overheard about hookups.

"Is lent over yet?"
"Yeah - tomorrow's friday. Eastah [sucka]!"

- Come'on, it's hilarious!

Q: "What do you like to do on Saturday mornings?"
A: "long Walks of Shame home"

- As seen on (3/26)

"HarryH is the Benjamin Franklin of Twitter!"
- A crunked Alex getting his Benedict Arnolds all mixed up.

"That's one's for Edger!"
- says Alex after I gave him shit for spoiling the season finale of Friday Night Lights for me (er, I ruined the 24 finale - Edgar RIP! - for him)

"Did you know I'm in a lot of people's Top 8?"
- says Ann (and we have a new "I have many other suitors!", ladies and gentlemen!)

Bouncer: "Who are you shooting for?"
Blogger: "Flickr."

- Overheard in the press credentials queue at some fancy party

"If this is sponsored by PBR, why are we drinking $7 Budwiesers".
- says Becca at the PBR rodeo (PBR = Professional Bull Riders, silly!) (1/25)

"Ah, i try to reply from tdrama all the time but sometimes, in my weakend + depressed condition, i just say WHAT THE FUCK, and reply w/ dball."
- Me emailin' Slavin on my email account mixups (1/8)

"Did you ever pull it when you were out in the ocean?"
- Dad to Lt Rob about his standard issue Coast Guard firearm.

"J - come in the bathroom and give me a blow by blow"
- Dad (er, again) while actually asking J for a *play-by-play* of the Pats game while we was going to take a shower.

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