Halloween 1997
October 31, 1997 sucka!

Halloween 1997
Halloween this year was an absolute mess. Actually, I think this was the weekend that I vowed to turn mylife around (due to the mass consumption of alcohol). Anyway, Eric invited three of his friends from home up who in turn decided to bring 5 of their friends - suffice to say, our house was chaos for the weekend. Whatever. Anyway, this is Eric and I (wasted) before going out. I'm "Dining Hall Man - Crusader for Justice" (complete with crown of cups) and Eric is, I don't know, from the future of something? All I know is that's my laser tag gun he has and the bastard lost it. Oh well.

From left to right: me, Andy (UMass - dressed up as "Friend of Eric and Dennis #6"), Mike (UPenn - sporting the nice red leather zipper jacket), and Eric. The bar marks the root of our problems (especially the empty bottle of Gold Digger - imitation Goldschlogger - aw-yeah.)

That's Karen - my adv509 buddy. She rocks. This was taken at 44s - the start of our eventful evening.

That's Josh Newman - no joke. I may have hooked up with him that night - I don't remember. (See, that's a joke). Actually, I don't remember too much from that evening (mgik, gin & tonic? j/k!). Either way, Josh makes a pretty cute girl, no?

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Oh yeah, all these pictures are from Darwins by the way. This is Lori and I. This whole roll of film was filled with pictures I don't remember taking of me standing with people I don't remember seeing. Regardless, Lori is another girl that rocks - I think she may be just as drunk as I am in this one.


updated: 11.19.97