The $400 Foosball Weekend
October 10-12, 1997

Foosball Madness
I really don't know how to tell this story - Eric and I went to the mall to go buy a couple of fish, ended cutting through Sears and walking out with a $400 foosball table. Who knows... Here's Stephen screwing some of those little guys - he's good like that.

See, the problem with the table is that it was a textbook case of an impulse buy. The salesman guy at Sears cut $40 bucks off the price for us and even though we had absolutely no room for this thing, we bought it anyway. It sits in our main common room taking up about 70% of all available space and keeps me up all night (it's right next to my room) with the constant spinning of the little guys and the whacking of the ball against the wood. Here, from left to right, cleanly-shaven Stephen, Eric, Aaron, me and Jos.

Oh yeah, this was also the weekend that Jocelyn came up. For those who know the saga, this was the second time she was up this semester. She's pretty good at foosball too - well, for a girl. :) See, my band-aid, yup, that's the first foosball related injury received at 600. Nice. Stop by sometime for the official drink of 600 Euclid - Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice (see the flyer in the background?)

From left to right, Pablo, Adam and Jon. Jon and Adam are foosball legends - I guess they played non-stop in London while they were abroad last semester. Eric and I can play and play and play, practice, practice, practice and still get our asses whooped. Jon killed me 9-2 yesterday - in front of the whole house no less. An embarassment. Anyway, the different skill levels have spawned Adam's foosball coach's poll ranking. I may in the top 5 (I should be above Freid as I whooped his ass 4 times on Friday), but rest assure, Jon (#2) and Adam (#1, no doubt) will dominate the charts at least until sometime next semester.

This is a random picture that I couldn't find anywhere else to place. This is all of us just hanging out at 44s - left to right is me, Jos, Audra (her head at least), Josh and Eric. This was such a rad weekend - JC kicks ass.


updated: 11.23.97