Winter Break 1997
January 7 - 14, 1997

This is me breaking my wrist.. my Mom took this. The crash wasn't my fault.. I scoped out this jump for like two minutes, waited `till it was clear then went. I'm going like a bat out of hell towards the launch when some dumb snowplow skiier comes barreling out in front of me (out of control, of course), cuts me off and throw me off balance off the lip. I landed flat of my wrist off like a ten foot air.

Another picture of the same jump.. my Dad took this one.

After I fell and busted myself up, I took another run. I guess I ride better with broken bones.

Me and Lane on the chairlift.. oh, how sweet.

A gap at Bretton Woods.. this jump is rad.

This is really how we get all our pictures to look so good. `Take some shots and PhotoShop them.. This is John posing for the camera.

Mike Hughes being a poseur.

My sister tried to snowboard once.. It looks like I'm holding a dead body.

Katie (my sister).. She's a natural. It only took us like 2 hours to get down the freakin' hill.

My brother.. isn't he swell?

Me again, before I busted myself up.

My brother again.. I bet he'd make a pretty good snowboarder.

Me and the various stages of my broken wrist.. yay!


updated: 9.3.97