A visit from the boys at UMass
October 6 - 8, 1995

Don't be surprised - even Syracuse gets pretty lame once in a while. Anyway, some random weekend all the boys from UMass came to visit and check out the SU scene. The picture above is, I think, all of us: (left to right), Andy, Gina, Jake (top), Potter, me, Eric (bottom).

If I remember correctly, this weekend was pretty rad. Everyone crashed in our room which was pretty whack. I think we went out to the bars after drinking in our room, I dunno.. hey, I do remember getting sick that night. Aw-yeah. We drank like champs.

Anyway, being the dorks we are, my room was all wired then (ethernet, sucka) so I had the QuickCam spy cam going on. While we all sat around playing drinking games, we had the camera set up to transmit live video to a video conferencing server in Cornell. All these images were broadcast over the network. Aren't we the shit?


updated: 12.16.96