UPenn Spring Fling `96

Dens, Eric & Josh Every March, UPenn hosts what is probably one of the largest college parties in the nation - Spring Fling. Last year, Josh, Eric and I drove down to check it out. We stayed with one of Eric's friends from home at his fraternity house - oh yeah, UPenn has a pretty rad Greek system - a lot different than what Syracuse has to offer. That's a picture of the three of us drinking some weird ecto-cooler drink - (from left to right: me, Eric, Josh).

madness Check out this picture.. madness Spring Fling is known for the bands they fraw for their outside concerts. Last year the Violent Femmes, Pharcyde and some other band played. Anyway, this picture was taken as we left one of the outdoor concerts - the show sucked, by the way.

Oh yeah, since Villanova is so close to UPenn, I met up with Amy and a bunch of her friends for a night. We went to a lame techno party then basically just hing around the UPenn quad (which had a bunch of carnival rides and stuff). Mike ended up hooking up with that girl on the left (red shirt) and then went to some semi formal with her a few months later - whatever. That's me in the middle standing on Eric's shoulders - Amy's the girl to the left of me. Hey, where the hell is Josh? Maybe he took the picture.

Ok, now this is the cool part of the story. Ok, we're driving back to Syracuse - Eric was driving, I had shotgun and Josh was stuck in the back - when the top of the jeep just blew off as we were going 70 mph on 81N. Josh almost was decapitated, which was pretty cool, but we had to stop and try to find a make-shift fix for the roof. We ended up stopping for lunch at a Bob's Big Boy where we found screws to fasten the top back onto the jeep - so what if we had to unscrew a few stall doors in the men's room, right?


updated: 12.16.96