Green Monster Parties
March 1997

We always end up bringing in quite a crowd. Do the parties ever get boring? Well, they started to so now we try to do something new every weekend... [your key to read on]

The first party we started handing out little pieces of tape with messages scribbled on them (Jon Miller's idea.. props where props are due). Anyway, it sounds pretty gay, but eventually we were almost able to sell pieces of tape to people who felt left out. That's me on the left ("Save Ferris" and "My dad can beat up your dad") and that's Robyn on the right ("I can drink you under the table".. homage to her 12:30 pass-out the party before).

I have no idea who this kid is, but he has a piece of tape which read "Dennis Crowley is my idol". Word!

A fairly sober Robyn and a very drunk Deschamps. 'Champs would later prove his drunkeness by defending Eric's "fat clown" statement.

Party number two featured Justine as the illustrious shot girl. At 1:00 and every-hour-on-the-hour past, she would climb atop the bar and pour shots of [fill in your favorite liquor] into people's mouths. By the way, that's Crazy Mike way on the left.. watch out for him.

Me, Eric and Timmy. How cute. We're all pretty wasted here.

Who would have ever guessed Freid would go blond? Here's Donna (Eric's girlfriend) comparing her shade to Eric's. It looks better now.


updated: 3.22.97