Junior Year - Fall Semester
August - December 1996

My room at the Green Monster.. circa Thanksgiving time


"You're in the Ad Club?"

Dens to Meredith as I proofread her resume.


"It's no secret - diamonds are big business."
- Weidman reading Dens' poorly written paper

"I'm gonna need help with this one, Brian"
- Weidman casually to Dave Prager asking him to calculate data

"She's hot"
- Andrew

"I feel like I'm in Judge Wapner's courtroom"
- Robyn at the first Ad Club meeting


"You're not clicking hard enough"
- Josh Newman offering suggestions as to why my Director script wouldn't work

"Oh shit!"
- Professor Deppa randomly in the middle of class


"You're like lumps of coal shoveled into an old railroad train. Sure some coals are better than others, but you always have to have coal."
- The fill-in IST professor pulling some crazy analogy about Bill Gates' theory on people serving technology. Don't ask..


"Why don't we hire you and let the company go out of business"
- kid siting next to me speaking under his breath to professor I-pretend-to-know-it-all-but-I'm-really-just-be-a-crazy-old-man.

Orange Source

Hope: "I might be eating dinner with Robert Kennedy"
Dens: "Are you going to hook up?"
Glor: "That slut! - No, not you.. Robert Kennedy!"


"Who was dancing?"
"I was!"
-Eric Freid responding to Thompson's rhetorical question on "Animal House"

"Drive carefully"
- Thompson to the "Nightline" camera crew

"Jumpin' Jack, what was that flash!"
- random line in an episode of "St. Elsewhere"


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