Junior year - Spring Semester
January - May 1997

ADV507 - Media

"She's such a slutburger!"
- Advertising Professor, Carla Lloyd's impersonation of sororiety girls watching soap operas

"It's called the superhighway - so we all go down the highway."
- Carla.. again. We love her, though.

"Ask yourself, 'Where do I want to be?'"
"Outer space."
- Robyn responding to Carla's resume building exercise

"American On-Line..."
"Storing it on the mainframe..."
"Watching 'Melrose Park'..."
- Selected Carla Lloyd-isms

ADV501 - Copywriting

"Ruff and Tumble."
- you-know-who's explaination of soap advertisments

"No - it's not a campaign."
"So - they're just three silly ads?"
- Adv. Prof. Jan Slater critiquing someone's copywriting assignment

PSC121 - Government

"R - O - N - G! Wrong!"
- Prof. Gavan Duffy

"The LAPD is so incompetent that they couldn't even frame a guilty man."
- Prof. Duffy again (this guy rocks)


updated: 3.22.97