Halloween @ 600 Euclid
October 31, 1996

All 12 guys in our house. From left to right? Paul as the "Killer Giraffe from Outer Space" (or some equilivant), Doug as "Sock Man", Jon as Tom Selleck, me as "Coming out of the closet" (get it, the hangers?), Kevin as "Space Kink - Disco Cowboy", Tim, Deschamps and Jay as Frankenberry, Count Chocula and BooBerry (respectively), Freid as "All decked out" (get it, the deck or cards?), Scott as Grizzly Adams (?) and Dubowsky as "I wanna be a rock star, honey.. huh!"

Special guest apperance by Tickle Me Elmo.

Me, Freid, Lane and Kelly at 44s.

Freid, Vicki, Jill, Sherry and me.. at Vivki and Ash's.

Josh Newman.. no joke. This is how he usually dresses on weekend anyways.


updated: 12.16.96