March Madness & the Final Four(3.96)

Final Four picture one As you should know, the Syracuse basketball team somehow made it to the Final Four last year in the NCAA tournament. I can't remember how the whole scenario went, but I know we beat Kansas, then Mississippi and then lost the championship to Kansas (those sluts).

Anyway, we all went to watch the final game at Billy and Brett's house which was pretty rad - there must have been about 50 people at their apartment just chilling and drinking and all. We were all pretty wasted so it would have been nice if we won, but oh well.

Final Four - picture two I wish I had some pictures of what went on after the Mississippi game where we won the bid to the championship game. We watched the game in our room then ran down to the bars to celebrate along with like 4000 other SU students. Marshall street - the main off campus street with all the bars - was crazy. Everyone was trashed and running around hugging everyone. - it was pretty rad.

We'll kick anyone's ass in caps. John and Eric suck.. they're all talk.

Yeah, it's safe to say we're pretty fucked up here.

Josh, John, Hughes and me. Yay.

Hughes and Brett helping out Dan Robbins.. isn't that what friendship is alla bout?


updated: 12.16.96