Fall Break `95
October 12 - 15, 1995

Fall break is the first time we're allowed to get off the SU campus after we've returned from the summer. My sophomore year we all piled into Eric's jep and headed on the Road Trip of Road Trips - we hit two schools in three days: UMass Amherst and Boston College. Ok, this is kind of backwards, but on the right here is all of us returning to go back to SU. We stopped at my house for breakfast. From left to right, that's Eric, Andy (Eric's friend from UMass), Josh and me.

I don't have any pictures from UMass, which is kind of a shame since UMass is, in my opinion, the biggest party school out there. These are all from BC where we met up with a bunch of my friends from high school.

There's a shitload of stories that came out of this weekend - I can't even remember them all. For example, we lost Josh on the BC campus as soon as we got there, a kid tried to beat us up with a whip (no joke), Mike Driscoll (from Harvard) fell down a set of stairs at some random party we went to on Comm. Ave (I barely remember any of this). What I do know is that the brand new Syracuse shirt I brough before the trip still has footprints on the back of it from that stupid party we went to - don't ask me how they got there.

Oh, back to the pictures, the first one, like I said is of all of us before going back to SU. The next one is of Justin Verett and Dom Brodeur, both of Xaverian Bros. High School fame, followd by a pic of Mike Driscoll and Dom again. Below this paragraph is a picture of Beth Vose (from Swarthmore College) and Timmy Gavin (also from XBHS fame - Beth is Tim's ex-girlfriend by the way). Check out Timmy and I in the last one - reunited at last.. how sweet. By the way, I'm not joking about that kid trying to whip us - BC is fucked up.


updated: 12.16.96