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welcome back nathania discotheque june 2, 2001

That's Nathania in the middle. These are the photos from her Welcome-Back-from-Teaching-in-Japan-for-Two-Years Discotheque. These pics are the result of an all you can drink special at Phobes with all the kids I went to school with on some random Saturday night. Don't mind Sherri on the left, she's krazy.

The whole SU crew... Sherri, Jackie, Alisa, Kiley, Jill, Lauren, Mel. Wait, where's Alexis?

Self portrait at arm's length. That's Rob.G representing Queens in the background. He's really not from Queens, but whatever.

Why is this picture so small? The usual crew plus Mike Hughes' cousin (random) far right and Azar looking all pretty in the background. There's Sherri in the front. See? I told you she's kraaazy. :)

I'm not quite sure what this is all about.

More random people - a little Andy Brennan, some Kevin Annette, Mike Hughes, Mr. McKinney and some random girl on the left. There's a lot of Flint 2C representation going on here.

Jill molesting Kiley.

Okay, so this is actually from the night before (@ Rosie's apt), but here's Kiley licking the bum of some woman in some painting in some hallway of some apt. (yes yes yes, I know it's Rosie's apt)

Azar. Shots. Twins. 3am.

Interpretive flower dance.

And now for a collection of pictures of people in loooovveee..

Jay and Sara.

Rosie and Paul.

Corrie and Alex.

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