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Monday June 20, 2005

real quick SF roadtrip recap

Alex and I spent most of last week hanging out in San Francisco / Mountain View visiting Google HQ. We stayed at the Clift, rode the shuttle bus a few times (mobile wi-fi!) and met up w/ a few friends Wednesday night @ Red Room before we headed back east.

Me + Brian Lam + PW.

Brian is my pal from Wired mag. Pam and I have been friends since kindergarden.

Me + Nat.

Nathania is a friend from Syracuse. She landed a brand new job just 2 hours before this pic was taken.

(this photo was alternatively titled: "cute haircut vs. stoopid haircut")

Me + Mike Yap.

I used to carpool to high school with this kid. I stole his cigarette lighter one time in high school and he hit me so hard I couldn't move my arm for like three days.

Google has a free haircut truck. Rad. (Neither of us braved it)

ps: I'll be back in SF next week (6/28 - 6/30) or so to speak at Where 2.0. Ping me if you want to grab a drink.

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From: frank
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Cool hoodie. Where did you get it from.

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