Sunday January 23, 2005

bottle service + 3B = crunked ^ 2


My Friday night:

10:30p Meet Jill + Steve + Lauren + Mel + Beth + Adam + Kim + Joe at Odea (Broome & Lafayette) for Vicky (and Ashley's?) birthday party. Sip $7 Amstel bottles in a private bungalo, and strategize on how to marry the waitress.

12:05a Take a cab to Rothko (Rivington & Stanton) and meet up with Kristen and Battjer (welcome back!) to check our Grant's brand Fiasco.

1:30a Grab One-More-Drink(tm) with Jill and Steve at Barraumndi (Clinton btw. Stanton & Rivington). Wait in line for a bathroom that three girls have locked themselves in.

2:00a Say my goodbyes and head back home to 125.... only to get a dodgeball message as I turn the corner telling me that Little Brother Jonathan is 3 blocks north.

2:05a Meet up with Jay + Will + Mike, two random girls, some birthday-girl stripper and her bodyguard at 3B (3rd Street & Ave B).

We got crunked. I took off my shirt. Check out Jonathan's recap for the photos.


And, while we're on the topic of getting crunked, let me introduce you to something I like to call Thursday Night Bottle Service(tm).

Last week (1/13), after an innocent round of drinks at Baramundi, me + Andy + Randy + Grellan journed to Epstein's (the brand new, always-empty bar on Stanton and Allen). We were greeted by this sign...


$99 for a bottle one Ketel One and three carafes of mixers! Of course we'll take it?


Okay, so I lied about the above - I actually met Alex and Karen for drinks at Scratcher at 5pm. Then met Grellan + Randy + Andy around 7:30. By the time we rolled into Epstein's I was a good 6 drinks deep.


Not sure where the Randy and Grellan were beforehand, but we were both in a similar state even before we went the high-roller route.


Sorry, but the night is kind of a blur. I know Jill and Steve met up with us, Megan.P stopped by for a bit, and Grellan ran into a friend from work. We left the bar at some point (to take photos racing chained up bicycles?), only to return and (accidentially) knock over a table full of empty glasses, bottles, carafes, etc. Glass all over the floor, the owner runs over to us..

Him: What were you guys drinking?
Me: Brooklyn lagers?

... and we were rewarded for our behavior with four free drinks! (read: Best. Bar. Ever.)


We finished our drinks and headed back to 125 (not quite sure why Randy and Grellan also trekked back). Randy proptly made popcorn.


I prompty passed out in the kitchen.


Randy actually took a digger and broke Henry's dog bowl (see above)...


... spilling all the popcorn in the process (which Becca kindly cleaned up).


So, I took a nap.


Wait, I think Becca was out with us too (as the picture way above would suggest... I see), but for some reason she wasn't crunked.


Unlike Randy.


Or Grellan, who crawled up in B-Dizzle's bed.


Randy followed. As did I when I awoke off the kitchen floor.


Becca, freestyle moment.


And here's where we end up. Me on the couch. Grellan in bed. Henry confused.

I woke up the next morning with my shoes on. The evening was pieced together with thanks to the digicam ("Where did all these pictures of dudes passed-out come from?).

Grellan summed it up best: "Gentleman, we're just not cut out for bottle service."

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