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Thursday January 20, 2005

thursday update

I know, I know... I am falling behind in updating already. In the next few days (over the weekend?) I'll throw up some pics of Bottle Service Night and Josh's 30th out in Sag Harbor. In the meantime...

apartment search
I found an apt - a 1 bdrm on Attorney and Rivington (about a four minute walk of where my place is now). No pics yet, but should be big enough for kitchen table + couch + mad scientist p.comp lab.

first class @ NYU
I taught my first class at NYU on Tuesday night. Started off a little shaky - it's harder than one would think - but ended up okay (read: none of my friends dropped it). Second class should be easier - we'll see on Tuesday.

dodgeball redesign
Take a look at the brand new dodgeball re-design that went live on Tuesday (special thanks to Alex, Doug, Matt, Rob). For bonus points, check out this interview with me and Alex, talking all mobile social software.


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