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Wednesday October 31, 2007

hey, so the Red Sox won the World Series again? How about that!

So, how about them Red Sox?? Wooo! I have pics from the ALCS (Game 2 in Boston! And Game 7 at Prof Thoms in NYC) and some pics from the bender I like to call Game 2 of the World Series!!!! (I was back at Fenway with MF - my head still kind of hurts)... buuuuuttt, as always, I'm 800 miles behind from catching up on the teendrama.

For now though, check out this video from 2004 (which I had to dig out of my external drive) - a little flashback to Dad + Gam + Jonathan being interviewed on MSNBC just after the Sox won the World Series. (J was working at NBC at the time, they were looking for a Red Sox family - I guess The Crowley's fit the bill?)

Gam = awesome. "You'll have it!" (btw, for more of Gam's TV internet career see Ask Gam)

ps: that's Kevin + Liz + the crew of the ConQwest 2004 crew up in the background. Good times!

Okay back to work... and Halloween costume planning - no Slutty R2D2 this year, but we'll be at the Flavorpill + Penthouse Bar afterparty.

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