Tuesday October 23, 2007

fieldtrip to the lego skyscraper


Down in Soho (Kenmare @ Lafayette, just NE of La Esquina) there's a tiny gallery called the Storefront for Art and Architecture that's currently showcasing conceptual urban housing designs . One of the designs is this Lego skyscraper and it's amazing.

The whole thing is like a Where's Waldo book where there's 1000 things to look at. Me and Dianne spent a good 20 mins walking circles around the thing checking out every inch - there's Lego people in coffee shops, at the gym, fighting, spraypainting, making out, making love, etc, etc. It's amazing.


See, you can kind of look into the windows on each of the towers and spy into what's going on. (which is weirdly voyeuristically satisfying).


Outside the little Lego pizza place there's a mini Banksy! So awesome.

ps: the original, er, real life, version of this here.


And mini iPod ads, which right next to the mini STOP BUSH flyer, which is right below the tower with the office workers and peeping tom and people having their coffee. Ha!


I actually took a whole bunch of photos of life inside the Lego skyscraper. Go take a look. And if you're in NYC, so down to Soho and check it out!

Storefront for Art and Architecture (thru Nov 24)
97 Kenmare Street @ Lafayette, NYC
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Closed Sunday and Monday.

ps: Oh and then we went to go check out the room full 'o dirt on Wooster. Kind of a letdown after a visit to Lego City. Oh well.

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