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Tuesday September 25, 2007

hello from amsterdam!

Hi - I'm in Amsterdam all this week at the PICNIC conference and Come Out and Play festival. Weather is kind of rainy, though city is kind of amazing (haven't been here since 1997). This pic was taken from a talk I gave today (British Jess just found it on Flickr - huh!). If you happen to be here, ping me!

A few notes from being here:

+ I've totally forgotten how awesome it is to be totally lost in a city (esp since living + navigating NYC is so easy).

+ Even an unlocked iPhone won't work with a TMobile Netherlands SIM (UTMS vs GPRS issue). I hear Vodaphone will work, but I already plunked down 30 Euros on a SIM (which is now in my Nokia 6630)

+ Some of the games at Come Out and Play look great. Click here ad check out: Can You See Me Now, OMMRPG, CollectTic, and NavBall. (actually, just flip through them all)

+ Ben.C = great tour guide. And he's figured out how to live here a few months a year. I need to put that on my to-do list.

I'm back next Sunday. With any luck I'll be able to catch up on the recap Randy's Wedding (!!) on the flight home. If you're hungry for preview pix, the Flickr is swimming in them.

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