Wednesday August 29, 2007

"Sweet Moons Over My Hammy!!! It's David Beckham!!!"


It's getting near the end of the summer and know what that means? I'm trying desperatly to keep up with the teendrama so I'm not 800 entries behind for when the fall rolls around. And, more importantly, I'm trying to clear my plate before J's wedding (two days! holy doggy!).

So rewind just a wee two weekends ago to August 18. MLS Soccer isn't something you'll see too often on the teendrama (World Cup is a different story), but when McD + Milberger came through with some freebee tickets to see David Beckham ("Oh my God, David Beckham!!!") and the LA Galaxy take on whatever the local team is the New York Red Bulls, I gladly accepted (Will, consider us half–even for those Yanks luxury box tix I scored earlier this summer, k?). (Hey this is the first time Beckham had played in the East Coast, no?)

Anyway, about 10 of us made the trek out to NJ (Giants Stadium) on Saturday afternoon to lounge in the parking lot, eat some delicious grilled meats, enjoy a beer or fifteen and, oh, watch some soccer.


Fired up the Hoverpod around 4p. She gets confused with all the tunnels and such (here: Holland Tunnel) - who knew it wasn't just a straight-shot across? The route is actually much more windy.


And about an hour's worth of traffic later = parking lot dreams. Not a very exciting shot - moslty dudes wearing different flavored Beckham shirts - but see that yellow highlight? Rumor has it that's slated to be the first indoor skiing facility in the US! What?!? You've never seen indoor skiing before?


We let McD take over the grilling tasks. (Me + J both brought our BabyQ's on a lil' fieldtrip)


Spitting sausages down the middle and then filling them with Miller Lite? Pretty genius.


Splitting them with this "Alaska" pocket knife that Dad gave us back in, what?, 1995??? Legendary. (J, I can't believe you actually have this in your car. Mine's still at home - I opened it once - back in high school - and was never able to figure out how to close it. Huh.)

Ten beers later and we're inside. We had to split up since our seats were all over the place - I was with Milberger + Uff for the first half... and luckily right behing the goal that Galaxy was shooting on. Beckham = two assists withing the first ten minutes. Pretty amazing.


By the way, the place was packed. The Red Bull games at Giants stadium have been averaging 12k fans per game - for Beckham's debut, 66k were on hand.



Second half. We shuffled seats around a bit so we could all sit together (we moved from the corner to the 40 yard line). Following up on the "Who loves Dad more?" quiz show theme from J's bachelor party (which involved a 4am phone call to see who was closer to guessing Dad's favorite leftover food. Answer = chinese food. Winner = me!) we had a re-do to see who cold come closert to gussing the method by which Dad savors peanut M&Ms.


By the way, did I mention that this was a pretty amazing game? Not that we were watching super close, but lots of shots on goal, pretty high final score (5-4, Red Bulls win), and three assists by Beckham.


"OH MY SWEET HOLY JESUS!!!! IT'S DAVID BECKHAM!!!" (this time applauding the corner section that was booing him relentlessly - see: NYTimes.

... wait, forget reading that stoopid newspaper (who reads anyway?) when you can watch THE YOUTUBE! (fast fwd to 4:05 in)


And that's the end? On the way out stole borrowed a handful of Red Bulls from the abandoned promo-truck outside the stadium (B.Hampton: "Check the side compartments!"), made it back to NYC in average-time (45 mins?) and then met up with Dolapo + Akshay + Kushal + the trio of Courtney + Megan + Chrissy down in the LES. Good times!

ps: Thanks for the tix Will + Mike!

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