Wednesday August 15, 2007

singing-flower stomping on Avenue B

Dianne and I went to dinner at Max's last night (Ave B + 4th). They sat us at this table in the back next to this 10 person birthday party. Not long after we sat down, the waiter brought out this birthday cake with a plastic flower to the top that played the Happy Birthday song (kind of like a birthday card sounds when it has one of those speakers built-in, you know?). Anyway, so the song is singing, the plastic flower catches on fire because of the candle (sparkler?), the girl blows it out and we all had a good chuckle.

And the the stoopid flower thing wouldn't shut up. It played the Happy Birthday song over and over and over for like 20 minutes (until they left). When they got up to leave after paying their bill, one of the guys took it with him and Dianne and I were both like "Thank the sweet Jesus we never have to hear that stoopid song again".

Fast forward about an hour or so (at least!) - after dinner we're walking up Ave B and I hear that song again! Sure enough, about 20 feet ahead of me is the burnt and broken flower - it looks like one of the kids just smashed it on their way out (no doubt because he was sick of the song too). Hahhahahah!

I gave it one more kick to shut it up for good. We laughed for literally five minutes.

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