Thursday August 9, 2007

me + dianne at the superbad premiere afterparty (btw - kind of hilarious)

Hey! I got to be Dianne's lucky +1 to the Superbad premiere last nite. Verdict: I liked it! Though watching in a theater packed with members of the film's targer audience probably helped. (I saw The Hulk one summer at one of those hufe Time Squares theaters where it was packed with kids hooting and hollaring and heckling and walked out thinking HULK = BEST MOVIE EVER). Oh, we look all posed up because *we were posing up* (but Johnny Photographer cropped our hands out - mah!)

Two quick things to remember:

+ Special thanks to the random federal appellate court judge we picked up at Mantra 986 (after party venue- so shitty and midtown it's not even in dball) for buying us drinks. Best part: him removing his lapel pin (a secret mic!) so the US Marshall's wouldn't eavesdrop on our drunken conversations.

+ Wore this too-small Black20 shirt J gave me and three people came up to me saying how much they dug the B20 shows. Huh! (and that's not including Mike O'Gorman who I ran into while riding my bike to work - Mike, sorry for shattering your dreams by being the brother of the founder instead of some random super cute girl).

OH! And congrats to Kati London on her special guest appearance on Good Morning American today pimping Botanicalls - plants that talk! Check it out (ps: don't click on the Quicktime controls - its just a screen grab, sucka!)

But you CAN watch by clicking this magic YouTube box...

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