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Wednesday August 8, 2007

we found these 1970s brochures from the North Branch Club @ Mount Snow...

When we were in Vermont last weekend for J's bachelor party (more pics from that soon), we went explorin' in this abandoned ski lodge off to the north side of Mount Snow. Inside we found these old brochures from the early 1970s (alongside a drained pool, empty bar and graffiti from local kids from the late 1980s). The place was called the North Brand Club and looked to be the height of 70s luxury ski culture around Mount Snow (remember Mt. Snow is the place where the original gondola went from the hotel to the top of the mountain - some good Mt. Snow history here)

Pretty awesome, no? Zoom in real close and read the crazy copy:

"And then to comfortable beds in quiet rooms in fire resistant units..."

"Children with too much Spock permissiveness in their background will be asked to eat at an early hour..."

"Then, if ambition is restored, the adjoining game room offers table tennis or bumper pool..."

"North Branch Club is directly below them - a bit over a mile as the schusser flies..."

More pics here.

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