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Monday August 6, 2007

R.I.P, favorite cellphone ever

Luckily, this was the only casualty from JJ's bachelor party in Vermont this weekend. (great times, btw - I feel as if I could break out in a rash at any moment thanks to a late nite swim in the filthy-filthy pond outside the SnowBarn. Ugh). Pics coming soooooon.

ps: I was thhhhiiisss close to axing Verizon and getting a brand new iPhone, but I opted for the $50 replacement phone my Verizon insurance provides (mostly because my VZW contract isn't up yet - meaning $175 termination fee). My SUPER SEXY replacement VX5200 arrives tomorrow via FedEx. Welcome to 2002!

ps: and for some background info on the last time my cellphone exploded. And Lt. Rob, what goes around comes around I guess (read: sorry for kicking your phone in half at Sara's wedding)

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