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Thursday July 26, 2007

sharkrunners = the latest from area/code (i mean, who *doesn't* love sharks w/ GPS tags attached to their fins?)

Sorry me + teendrama have been MIA for a week or so. Been spending lots of days and nights at the area/code

After three all-nighters (is it really Thursday already?), a few dozen cans of Red Bull (Kevin.C, you should be ashamed of yourself) and the hard work of the whole area/code crew, Sharkrunners - the game for the 20th anniv of SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel is live!! http://www.sharkrunners.com

We teamed up with some research groups and got ahold of a bunch of GPS data from sharks in the Pacific Ocean (!!). You get to play the role of a marine biologist who gets to track down and study the sharks. Successful dives earn you cash (for better gear) and unlock accomplishments (so rad, btw). You play over the course of a few weeks - maybe checking in 1-2x a day (we've got SMS alerts for that), but since the boat and the sharks move at real-life speeds, sometimes it can take a a half day to catch up with a shark or hit a different port.

Bestest part? We needed headshots for all the marine biologists in the game, so sign up to play the role of Akshay, Mark.C, Little Sister Katie, British Jess, Janelle, Matt.U, Annee or Zach.K. Ha!

Anyway, I'm hooked on this like I was hooked on Plundr. Take a look: http://www.sharkrunners.com

And more here: http://areacodeinc.com/work/sharkrunners/

ps: Three wedding recaps in the teendrama queue (!!) - MikeD + JC, Jill + Steve (!!) and Sara + Stephen. Stay tuned (and MF, thanks for the Letter to the Editor - ha!)

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