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Friday July 20, 2007

last weekend = wedding #2. this weekend = wedding #3. as always, i'm behind on the tdrama.

Been krazy busy this week with the area/code kids, so I never got to post pics from Jill + Steve's wedding (!!!) last weekend. Fribbles + dance party + water skiing = I'm happy to report that it lived up to all the "Wedding of the Season" hype. I'll try to get recap up for Monday, but for now entertain yourself with two minutes of reception dance party footage courtesy of the hit band Atlas (aka. "the band that played Jim Boeheim's wedding!"). (btw, this video courtesy of Vimeo which does a much better job of hosting than YouTube or Google Video - compression is so much cleaner. Click the links to compare.)

Wedding #3 of the summer = this weekend. I'm heading down to DC tonight, crashing w/ Lt. Moore and then driving to Richmond, VA tomorrow morning, grabbing lunch w/ Corey.S in the afternoon (!!) and then hitting Sara + Stephen's wedding tomorrow night. Four hours on the Amtrak = perfect time to catch up on tdrama! ps: J, I hear you're heading back to Boston tonight - any chance you can bring back my brand new bicycle

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