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Friday July 13, 2007

breaking news!! there were TWO tranny hookers (and bonus pamplona flashback!)

I'm sure you've heard this story by now, but my laptop got stolen by some dude that brought a tranny hooker back to our office. (last weekend)

Anyway, we got ahold of the security video footage (YouTube = soon!) but till then, I took this snapshot of the video. Three gents in the elevator, two dressed as chicks. One (bottom) made it out, the other (pink) slept on our couch. Good time! I dunno how you could mistake these two for females (um, I guess I did the same when I woke her up). Post yer Flickr comments here, kids.

No word yet on whether i'm getting my laptop back - worst case scenario is the office insurance will cover it. I'd really like the data back. So, what did I lose?

+ pics from Mike.d's wedding, Easter, Foo, bday31, post-Google party (pretty much anything that wasn't on tdrama / Flickr / YouTube... which is a lot considering I've been slacking on keeping up tdrama).
+ all my notes / emails from the dodgeball / Google drama (ugh)
+ a bunch of prelim work on some new area/code projects

Anyway, so in about 20 minutes I'm heading up to Jill + Steve's wedding (!!) in Skaneateles, NY. Outside of JJ's wedding in August, this may be the wedding event of the season: Jill = my bestest friend from college; Steve = bestest frieds with MF from college. In attendance: just about everyone I know (ha!) - all my friends from Syracuse, all the Bates kids (the same crew as the Beaver Creek ski trip crew. See: 07, 06, 05, 04)

And... now that I think of it, the wedding party is pretty much the same crew that we did the Running of the Bulls with in Pamplona, Spain *exactly six year ago* (holy shit - six years?!).

We look like little kids!

Anyway, if you haven't read that story, than take this lazy Friday to catch up on the teendrama. [San Fermin Festival, 2001]

Actually, it was this Fickr pic (below) that totally jostled my memory about the Pamplona stuff. (what no link to the YouTube video?! er, so don't bother clicking it).

I did a quick search... what, 7 people gored this year? Run faster, suckas! (ps: you can stop watching after the bull part. Fox News can suck it)

Okay, off to upstate to NY. With any luck, I'll try to string together a Mike.d / JC recap from the pics I stole from Katie.M (Flickr) and Sara (Snapfish). Woof!

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