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Friday July 6, 2007

bday #31 = three-venue karaoke mannequin makeout adventure

Three weeks late! So what!? Hi! My birthday = Tues 6/19, party was on Wednesday. Original invite called for a dance party on the upstairs terrace at Professor Thoms, but due to a technical error in the reservation process (er, I never called to confirm - oops) and the factthat Prof Thom's was hosting some Wednesday night BINGO, we dragged everyone a few blocks east over to Heathers.

Hey, and thanks to everyone who came out as bday #31 was pretty slamming. For the sake of comparison (and procrastination) I offer you recaps of bday #30, #29, #28, #27 on this lazy Friday afternoon. ps: No real narrative here, but please enjoy these randomly strung together images.

Looks dirty. Blindfold came from K2's Pin The Tail on the Donkey party kit...

Which is kind of like Pin the Tail on the Oil Painting of JJ.

Are you really going to argue?

Dodgeball Forever is the word on the street.


Special guest appearance by some of the ITP kids. Scott Fitz, I heart your pizza upskirt. Who's the dude in the blue stripes?

BTW, I stole a bunch of pics from K2, so thank her for the happy toilet shots.

Karen M. rolled in bearning the gift of KrazeeStrawz (and M&Ms!)

Which made the rounds rather quickly.

Spangler hit me up with these two Texas Hold-em scratchies. (both were losers = sniffle)

McD brought along some swagger.

... and some high school girls.

The Lantz racking up empties.

Late nite (1am?) the Planet Rose came calling from across the street. (By the way, Planet Rose is suuucccch a better alternative to The Money Pit Known As Sing Sing)

As a courtesy I cued Battjer up some Laura Branigan. (Google it, mf'er)

And JJ went all apeshit. (Must I remind you of Battjer's Legend status)

I may have followed up with a little GnR tribute (Patience, of course).

Reverse upskirt and rolling with a life jacket? +2 points, sir.

Kevin.K warming it up...

... gosh, it's getting hot up in here...

... and it's as if Jesus himself was on the mic.

K2 kicks off mannequin make-out hour.

(I got to 2nd base)


Oh, and a special thanks to Team (ex)Gawker for coming out.

Gun show = cancelled due to lack of interest.

Me + the Bdiz. McS is either endlessly entertained or passed out in her lap.

Dance party turns to...

... dancing on tables, turns to...

...falling off tables (predictable). How do we not get kicked out of these places?

And, huh, I guess that's the end of #31. Thanks again for coming out, suckas! Oh, and for all the loot - special shoutouts to

Alex (for the Zelda puzzle!), McSimmons (for the Pokemon!), and of course area/code crew (for the mf'ing karaoke machine!!!)

+ K2 (Kodak)

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