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Friday June 15, 2007

the return of teendrama + summer lineup + foreshadowing bday #31

Dear loyal teendrama readers,

Oh man, teendrama has gone to the shitter. No new posts since even before I left The Google! That means I skipped out on my SXSW recap, Easter 07 in Medway, my field trip to LA, new apt preview pics, and on and one. Worst Blogger Ever.

So, here's my proposal. Seeing I have the most action-packed summer line-up ever (6 weddings!), I'm going to make a solid attempt to keep up with this site to archive it all. (if you're nice, I may even throw a little redesign up in there - thanks for the peer-pressure, Randy). (Oh, and I haven't been totally MIA, just been finding it easier to post to the Flickr than deal w/ this Movable-Type nonsense.)

Anyway, here's a look at my *weekends* (through end of Sept) starting um, today...

6/16   Mike.d's bachelor party (Boston)
6/23   FooCamp (SF) / Wiimbledon (NYC)
6/30   Mike.d's wedding (Cape Cod)
7/07   July 4th (or is that the wkd before?)
7/14   Jill + Steve's wedding (upstate NY)
7/21   Sara.g wedding (DC)
7/28   Open Wkd #1
8/04   JJ bachelor party #1 (VT?)
8/11   JJ bachelor party #2 (NYC?)
8/18   Open Wkd #2
8/25   Open Wkd #3 (Cape?)
9/01   JJ wedding (sweet jesus!)
9/14   Another trip to SF trip (Yahoo?)
9/21   Randy's wedding (!!, NYC)
9/28   Picnic / COAP (Amsterdam)

And may as well kick the new tdrama off with bday party #31:

    Wednesday June 20th, 8pm
    @ Professor Thoms (upstairs / terrace)
    (2nd Ave btw 13th and 14th)
    djs: Kearney + Bdiz (+ other special guests I haven't lined up yet)

... and Wednesday night?! (I know, I know), but I'm gone that next weekend with a early morning flight on Friday. Suck it up!

ps: the pic above is from bday #7 @ the Burger King on Rt. 109, Medway, MA. For all the Medway superfans, back row: Powers, Strassel, Anderson, Eric Schultz, Kev Webster, Jon Hanshus. Front row, Dave Mag, Denny TransAm, Jay Rice, Little Brother JJ (thumbs up, brother!)

ps2: For the sake of comparison, bday #30, #29, #28, #27.

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