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Thursday April 26, 2007

press this button to shoot wi-fi from your mouth?

Yeah, yeah.. behind on the teendrama. I know. What's new?

+ I'm adjusting to my new life working @ area/code. It's been a long time since I've been fired up about going to work. Two things about life post Google: (1) working all day long makes me sleeeeepy and (2) this whole "Having To Pay For Your Own Lunch" thing is bullshit!

+ Lots of emails from people who heard we left Google. Lots of blog coverage too. This one especially makes me get all teary eyed.

+ I've been posting more often to my Flickr than to the teendrama. (read: Please stop sending me nasty "update your site!" emails and look at some Flickr pics instead. :) One of these days I'll figure out how to get Flickr pics (etc) to post up on td. Someday.

+ Apt 4R = er, I'm living there now (moved in 4/1). Place is 98% done (I got some new chairs and a kitchen table too!). Going to start painting next week me thinks. And then finish unpacking. And then maybe some pics. That'll work.

+ And my class @ ITP just finished up for the semester. Great projects all around - check out the best of the best at the ITP Spring Show Tues May 8 + Wed May 9.

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