Tuesday April 10, 2007

wrapping up the 2007 ski season (sniffle)

Man, can I be any more two months behind on the teendrama? Come'on - there's lots going on! So, I owe you all a SXSW recap (um, almost a month ago?), an Easter recap (hey, that's only two days ago! ps: see 2006), some apartment pics (I moved in last week despite on-going construction) and what else, maybe a recap of that $800 karaoke night (ah, let's just skip that one).

Maybe we'll try to do one-per-day this week utill I catch up? (ha! that'll never work). For now, you get pics of Mount Snow's closing weekend, er, a few weeks back (J, shhh!). Me + Matt + Will + Christian made the trek to VT for the first time (for them) in a month and (for me) since February (I haven't been up since Beaver Creek? Huh.)

Anyway, last two days of the season (I thiiiinnnkkkkkk... there's a rumor the mountain may be open again this weekend - we'll see, anyway...) and we had near perfect weather on Saturday.

You know, what a weird season this was. Dry all the way through January (wasn't New Years a bust too?) and then after I booked all these trips out west (BC + Whistler) to make up for the shit snow, it started *dumping* in VT. Late Feb / March storms gave Mt. Snow some pretty solid late season coverage so a lot of the trails were still open (and leaving us wondering why they were closing the mountain so early. The answer: the closing date is closen early in the season so all the foreign kids can get their limited visas, etc).

Oh, regarding the coverage, it was good (for this late in the season) everywhere but this trail (BearTrap - Mt. Snow's signaure mogul run). See those little islands of snow on the upper left? We tried to gap the dirt + grass by jumping from island to island. Almost worked, but then again I also almost slammed into the pole.

Me + McD on the rickity ol' BearTrap double. Remember to wear yer helmets, kids!

The snowboard park was in pretty solid shape too. Lots of rails (er, see below) and some nice soft kickers. I'm soooo 30 years old that it took me three. tries to clear this one. +1 to Christian for the excellent camera work. [video]

Closing weekend marked Will McD's one year anniversary of busting his knee (read: tearing his ACL). What better way to celebrate then by getting SLAYED by the same rail! (was it really *this* rail?) Make sure to watch long enough to see J hit it pretty clean at the end. [video]

Checking in on Mother Earth - the backside of the roller right after the hairpin turn on Deer Run. Why "Mother Earth?" Maybe two seasons ago (??) J and I launched off the left side of the roller late season, gapped about 20 feet of dirt only to land in the last 10 feet of it. Not sure how rad YOU are, but when you launch off snow and land on grass, you come to an immediate stop and either (a) pop out of yer skiis or (b) slam down hard into the mud. I think we did one of each.

Anyway, we now know better than to hit Mother Earth late season without sending someone down to scope the landing. This year we send Will as the runner and he gave us the big X-ed out poles symbol. Maybe next year. (It does look pretty tempting tho, no? It's that little triangle poking out near WIll's elbow)

Apres ski and no Bruce Jacques in sight! (ps; Did I ever tell you I got an email from Bruce?! No hard feelings, man!) Plenty of tallboys tho. We'll take five of your finest oil cans, pleeeeeaasssssee.

ps: Regular beers = 8oz. One pint = 9.4oz. Bud Tallboys = 24oz. Fosters oilcans = 24.5oz. Hence, oilcan = 2.7 pints. Huh. That kind of explains a lot.

Oh, by the way, I let WIll McD borrow my snowpants (yeah! my snowpants!) and he busted my season's pass right in two! And then he borrowed Katie's snowpants and busted *her* pass in two as well!

Sunday. Shaky knees and fat, out of shape city kids = we called it a day around 1pm and spent the afternoon grilling. Will McD whips up his version of DPStyles burgers (which we actually just as delicious - if not *more* delicious - than mine. Fucker.)

Obligatory view from the deck. Perhaps the last of the season. Sniffle

Annnd (I think) the final 2007 tally for days on snow:

Dens: 25
Christian: 24 (how'd you get 1 extra day?)
Giant: 23
Katie B: 23
Matt.H: 23
Jay: 18
McD: 14 (it looks like 15, but it's really 14)
Dearborn???: 9
Shoops: 9
Jackie: 3 (!!!)
Lt. Rob: 2
Katie's Matt: 2
K2: 1

... overall, pretty low (esp. considering I scored 37 last year!) but the earlier part of the season was really pretty shitty.

Well, I think that's it. If the mountain is open this weekend, I could do it (50/50). i still need to buy a kitchen table tho!

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