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Saturday February 24, 2007

G-Unit Ski Trip ver. 2007 (and Guns 'N Roses cover band!)

Why hello! I'm 100 years behind on teendrama, so let's try to catch up with some G-Unit Ski Trip action. Rewind yourself, um, two weeks for this one (Feb 8-9) and brush up on the recap of last's year ski trip before I blow your mind with the tale of how my employer shuttles every employee east of CA up to Stratton, VT for two days of skiing, all the free meals you can eat and big ol' dance party.

Busses that leave early Thursday morning are for suckers, so we motivated on Wednesday night and crashed at Mount Snow. Special thanks to Mosh for the ride up (I left the Hoverpod in NYC so Will + crew could mke it up for the wkd - foreshadowing!). Around midnight I met up w/ Alex + Karen at Mt. Snow, crashed for a bit and then the three of us made the trek to Stratton around 10am. Waiting for me at the front desk? Two lift tix, keys to our condo, food voucher and a Nastar (ski race) badge.

We met up with a bunch of the G kids over the course of the day - always hard since everyone was 100% bundled up due to the cold. Man, it was freezing (super windy!) and the visibility was extra low that first day. Here's Anna + Peter + Jigglypuff riding the triple.

Rewind to last year again for a second. During the afterparty, Craig.NM got on the mic and announced the winners of the "fastest skiier" contest. I was all up in arms as I didn't even know about the race and hence did not get a chance to claim the Fastest Google Snowboarder title which is rightfully mine. So this year, I made sure to sign up as soon as I got there (and even going as far as "guaranteeing victory" - which worked great for me when I "guaranteed victory" at last year sink or skim @ Mt. Snow).

So I'm making this race out to be a big deal when it's really just 15 ski gates in a race that prob 20 people entered. But me + Craig + Mosh + Sean braved the course (er, a few times) until we felt as if we appropriately slayed it.

Okay, with the race of out of the way, we went to grab lunch. Actually, we went to grab lunch *before* the race until Jamie reminded us that we needed to get our times in before 2p (!!). So in then out, then two runs up and then lunchtime. I was anxious to make more runs so I ate some discarded buffalo burger I found laying around. Harry.H on the right, Jamie mid-soup in the bg.

After lunch everyone got kind of sleeeeeepy, but I dragged myself out for a few more runs. Good thing, as right after 2p the winds died down, the sun came out and the afternoon offered up some of the better runs I've taken all season (Stratton had tons of little pockets of untracked snow). I made a bunch of runs w/ this crew (from the left): um, don't remember your name, um, don't remember your name either, Scott.T (superstar skier) and Jenny from Denver.

I think we skied right till 4p (or maybe a little earlier - I think they closed the gondola due to wind).

What better way to kick-off the string of party pics than with a nice "Dudes in Hottub" shot. We got set up in this sweet condo a good shuttle ride from the mountain. A rad space, but maybe not the Player's Party Paradise 8-person suite that we had last year (one of those places where it's almost *too nice* to have a party in...)

... but you never know how the night is going to end up, so we stocked up on $250 worth of beers anyway.

Onto dinner! Free lift tix + free house + free food + free drinks. If this was later in the evening, I could have been tempted to take a bath in this tub of skrimps.

Harry and I split up to tackle the different dinner stations. He hit the meat; I hit the fish. I went back for seconds on the banana's foster station (what, no pics of that?!?)

A++ for the giant scallops *and* the scallops wrapped in bacon. Sadly, no lobster mac + cheese. Next year.

Dinner turns into after-party. A band upstairs, some hip-hop downstairs.

We made the game-time decision to throw the after-after-party at our place (last year = legendary). No business card flyers this year, instead we went with the always classy restaurant-tab theme. Handwritting = a little screwy thanks to 800 beers. Treetop was the area of the resort we were in - I blurred out the Bldg/Unit number since you never know who's reading teendrama (did I ever tell you that the people who's name tags we stole from the Little Gym reunion @ Mt. Snow tracked me down on Google and emailed me?! Hahahahah!).

Oh, and the results of the Fastest Snowboard contest (I almost forgot!)... and the winner is.... wait, no fastest snowboard time? There's only a fastest ski time?! What?! Lemme see that list!

Shafted again! Scott took one of the medals (Gold? God bless!).

Even though the judges didn't have enough medals for superstar snowboarders like myself, I did score the cash prize ($150 sucka!). I only have a pic of page 1 of the results, but here's what I got...

Adam.H (21.45)
Scott.T (24.32)
Janice.H (26.45)
Tom.L (29.70)
Nils.K (32.50)
Ian.C (67.98)
Christian.S (68.50)
Michelle.L (79.98 - Mosh, skis right?)
John.M (DNF = Did Not Finish... no shame since the last gate was hidden pretty good)

SNOWBOARD (all 3 of us - ha!)
Dennis.C (32.33)
Sean.O (84.92)
Alan.D (DNF)

ps: Cue "thousand dollar bills, y'all" reference. Thanks.

Late night. Hey, no one puked in the sink this year!

Party ended around midnight and then everyone split up to hit the competing after-parties. Me + Adam hit up the ad sales after-party over at Rising Bear first (the scene of last year's adventure, btw).

Huge place. I couldn't get past the makeshift Google-scarf-as-velvet-rope though.

Adam and I took off around 1am to hit up the after-after-after party we were having back at TreeTop. There was a rumor that Stratton extended the shuttle busses to 2am (to help w/ late nite commuting) though at 1am none were to be found. We ended up hitching a ride with the Stratton Mt. Mounties. Thanks!

To my surprise, the TreeTop after party was still going strong when we got there (man, it was a HIKE from Rising Bear).

iPod + old No Data playlists = dance party.

Obligatory upskirt shot.

Living on a prayer? I don't know what else this could be.

Deeznuts. (Kushal! Lesson #1 - don't fall asleep!)

There may also have been some shirtless dudes wrestling, though I don't know anything about that. Certainly nothing was broken. (audio is the new video, btw... listen)

What? No late night dual-hot tub pics? Ah, it's probably for the best.

Annnnddd Sunday. I'd say < 40% of the skiiers from Thursday made it out for Friday. Kind of a shame as the weather was nicer and the snow was still pretty good. I made a bunch of runs with some of the superstars from Thursday (Mosh, Sean, Dolapo). Best part may have been riding the gondola w/ this d-bag (not a Google kid, btw) who was on his Blackberry / bluetooth / iPod (yes, all three) and talking shop the whole chairlift up. Actually, best part was the rolling of the eyes all the seasoned Stratton vets were shooting each other as this clown was yapping away.

And looks like that's it for the Stratton part of this adventure, but hold on, cause it's only Friday night and there's still two more days at Mount Snow left. I caught a ride w/ Alex + Karen back to Mt. Snow and we met up with Will McD + Matt + Christian + K2 + Christina late Friday night. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Good morning! I was trying to convince A + K to ski a day w/ us at Mount Snow, but Alex's knee sounded like this...

Gross. [video]

You get that checked out yet, man?

Will McD, fresh from a torn ACL and suited up in his robot protective gear.

After three years of Mount Snow, we've figured out that you need to import your own ladies. K2 on the left, Christina on the right. Hello!

Where are all the ski pics? None? Huh. Anyway, we rode a full day (and stuck the girls in lessons). I can't remember super exciting going down (er, it was two weeks ago!)... there was good snow on skiiers-right down Exhibition (oh, this was the wkd I got hecked under the lift for slamming into those ice moguls - thanks Christian).

Apres ski = $8 Fosters for everyone!

Tallboys? Please. These are oil cans.

Us. After 4 Fostahs, a dozen rounds of asshole, 3 failed attempts at trying to lure the table (hello red shirt!) next to us back for after-party. Are people really chanting "one more song!" at Bruce Jacques? For real? Come'on! [video]

Man, this a super long tdrama post. Like 40 pics? Is it almost over? F'ing McD used two of my $5 duraflame logs to light this beast (and then bragged about his Eagle Scout skills). Shut it.

Matt and I took a nap in the VIP section of the Same Shirt Club.

Somehow we motivated out of our Fosters coma and hit up the Snow Barn for the GUNS AND ROSES COVER BAND!!!!

Seriously, amazing (Patience!) Shame on all you Google kids who stayed in VT for the wkd but couldn't motivate to Mt. Snow. :)

Slash looks slightly more, er, "backwoods" in person.

Oh yeah, I forgot we had Dannielle Galante (and friend) in tow for the wkd. We left the barn and hit up Silo (packed with 6 people) and kicked off a slow jam contest with the locals. McD and K2 in the bg. Christian, you can thank me later for not putting this chair-dance video of you online.

Late night. Air Guitar Hero. Not sure how this happened...

... but Van Halen really made it something special. [video]

Oh man, are we done yet? Who even took this pic???

Annnnndd, that's the end. G-Unit Skip Trip 2007 to a Mount Snow Dance Party to a GnR After Party. Thank you, goodnight! (and that brings me to 13 days on snow - sooo, er, *average* for mid-February)

Extra Credit
+ Mosh's photos from Stratton
+ Christina's pics from Mt. Snow

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