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Tuesday February 6, 2007

GLM - The Movie (or, reminiscing about winter 2002)

Check out what I found on my external hard drive last night... a video I made from Winter 2001/2002 when I was working as a snowboard instructor up at Attitash, NH. Everyone in this video was at mountain employee at one point. We shot most of this during the last few weeks of the season when the spring weather was out and the park was empty. Make sure to watch the crash sequence at the end too. [video]

Oh, GLM is American Ski Company speak for "Guaranteed Learning Method" - the three hour lessons you have to give at least once per day to never-evers (read: never been on snow before).

I got in 100 days that season and must have taught, what?, 300 people how to snowboard? I lost one kid in the woods (Ebraham), had one kid fall off the lift (Carmine) and broke one poor girl's wrist (er, sorry forgot your name).

Sadly, there's limited teendrama coverage from that winter... something about the digicam not going over so well in the backwoods of NH.

Oh, Google Ski Trip kicks off tomorrow night [see: last year]. And then Beaver Creek next weekend. Pow!

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