Tuesday February 6, 2007

superbowl 2007 = er, I missed the opening kickoff because I was getting my laundry

I had some friends over Sunday to watch the SuperBowl. It wasn't the "most boringest superbowl ever" as I've heard (at least the rain made the turnovers interesting, right?), but Colts vs. Bears? Ugh, who cares. (Cut! That! Meat!)

Maybe on par with last year's (No Data bender -> Hasselback debut), but no real comparison to the year before (me, J + MC Hammer down in Jacksonville!) or the year before that (Gabe's kicker blowout).

ps: Not sure why I didn't going to VT w/ J + Will + Christian... VT got like 8 inches of snow! Anyway...

I mean, the main event wasn't really Bears vs. Colts - it was Notorious PIBs vs. Hogs in Sleeping Bags. (um, PIB = Bigs in Plankets, fools!). The pigs = cocktail franks. The hogs = kielbasa. Are you sure you can handle the close-up?

You know, the PIBs used to be my specialty, but now that I've moved on my Mac and Cheese Masterpieces (see below), the PIBs feel so 2004 you know? Anyway, PIBs came out a little burnt (400°!) and the Hogs were a little undercooked (another 10 mins!)... I may try this one again w/ better sausage. Maybe some salsa? Jalapenos? Think: quesadilla but in a sausage PIB!

Becca + Jen made some football cupcakes. I liked them!.. . but still Silver Medal compared to the Little Football Men Cake from 2004 @ Gabe's.

I made more of Mrs. Donahue's my secret mac + cheese. This time with kielbasa up in there. Verdict = pretty good (though I like the Italian Sausage better). Next time = bacon + M&Ms.

Late night Becca was making fun of my collection of holiday cards - including this one from the Japanese girl that cuts my hair. Me + Kana = both like the karaoke = meant to be?!?

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