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Tuesday January 30, 2007

end of january and only 9 days on snow (compared to 22 last season - sniffle)

Hello! And welcome to another action-packed edition of "What I Did Last Weekend!" Oh, I went skiing. With Matt and Christian. This winter has been more than pretty crappy and this was actually our first road trip to VT in 2007 (ugh). Two memorable moments from the ride up:

+ I got another f'ing speeding ticket right outside Springfield, MA. 70 in a 45 = $150. 45?!? It's a highway! I saw the lights in my rear view mirror and pulled over to the middle lane thinking the cop would pass, but alas, I flat out got pulled over.

Cop: You know why I pulled you over?
Me: Um, I really have no idea.
Cop: Know how fast were you going?
Me: Um, 70.
Cop: And what's the speed limit?
Me: 65?
Cop: Nope... 45. (long pause) Where you guys going?
Me: Vermont.
Cop: What you going to do in Vermont?
Me: Going skiing.
Cop: Then where are all your skis?
Me: Um, we leave them up there.
Cop: Yeah.

... so, the cop was a dick and this was totally a speed trap. 65 -> 45 in like 2 miles? Come'on. (reasoning: windy road + lots of exits). This is about 1 mile from where I got my last speeding ticket (Thanks.g 06), just on the other side of the highway. Sucks.

Oh, second thing...

+ A few miles onto Rt 100 and we realized that the temperature was -8 degrees. Worst weekend ever?

Saturday morning. Cold, but the wind was pretty still so the skiing was tolerable. Conditions were actually pretty good - especially since our expectations were super low thanks to the the -8 reading. At end of the day we hit Cuzzins for "just one drink"...

... three tallboy Fosters later we were playing asshole with a bunch of Strong Island kids and posing for pics with cougars decked out in Bruce Jacques Fan Club attire.

For real? These girls told us they make a trek up to see Bruce once a year. This is their 7th year doing it - their 2nd with t-shirts. Sweet mother.

ps: note tallboy #3. It's like a throwback to the DPS + Lt. Moore days of Mt. Snow in 2000!

Saturday night brought a little snow - just enough for us to set our Sunday morning alarm to 7am. A little over an inch fell overnight so we made an effort to catch First Chair @ 8am.

7:43am = the earliest we've *ever* gotten to the hill (beating our previous record of 7:47am)

Here's what an East Coast Powder Day looks like. I took this from the Challenger lift (North Face) - this spot on the right had to been about 8 inches deep (some natural / some man-made?) There were 3-4 spots on the mountain where you could get pretty clean first tracks like these if you looked hard enough.

Expecting pretty good conditions, I took my brand new Michi board out. She's a 161 (compared to my Rush which was a 155) so she's super quick but a little slow in the bumps. Took me a full day to get used to riding it (and I'm still a little shaky going switch). Even though the board is only 6 cm longer, the way I have the bindings mounted I must have picked up about 4cm on the tail.

ps: the ghost glows in the dark!

Sunday was easily the best day of the season. Lots more snow than we've been used to + a little new snow overnight + sunny and kind-of warm. Ripcord over on NorthFace was open for the first time this year - steepest trail in all of the East Coast (??? - am I right about that?). The meat of it is only about 100 yards long, but it's got to be a 60 degree pitch (think: Tuckerman's). We saw no fewer than three people yardsale down the entire thing (one girl shattering her bindings on the slide down).

We spied these man-made moguls on Exhibition early in the weekend - strange as I've *never ever* seen man-made moguls before (they're always just made by skiier-turning action). Anyway, they were roped off, but on our 2nd (3rd?)-to-last run I dipped under the rope only to find out that these things were *iced over*. I must have flip and cartwheeled twice - Christian said he didn't expect me to walk away. Thank you, helmet!

First tracks @ 8am + 13 quick quick quick runs through Exhibition + North Face moguls + Ripcord = we were beat by 1am. We called it a day early - I felt bad leaving esp at 36 degrees. (And what's the deal with the 45 degree temperature swing from Friday night -> Sunday afternoon?)

Last run -> Fat Tony's filthy subs -> XGames on ESPN -> nap.

And so that's it for January. 9 days on snow so far (compared to 22!! at this point last season). Matt's in the lead with 11. I'm still shooting for 30... I'll pick up a few next week for Google ski trip 2007 (see: 2006), 4 days in Beaver Creek in Feb and around 6 in Whistler in March. Hmmm.. I *may* just make it.

Worst. Winter. Ever. [Flickr, Jan 29]

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