Thursday January 25, 2007

who doesn't love a good rodeo?!

This is so almost three weeks ago, but back in early January (1/6) me + Becca went to check out the rodeo @ Madison Square Garden. Wait, not just any rodeo, this is the Professional Bull Riding's Versus Invitational. Tix were, what?, $30 each and despite the kind-of buzz we still couldn't really round up a crew to go... so, onto DATE NIGHT!

The way this works is that they fire up the bull, cue up some slamming AC/DC track and then open the gates. Standard bull ride lasts around 8 seconds? (The rule is you don't earn points until you stay on for at least 8 seconds. Remember, this is *tournament* bull riding!). (btw, this is one of the longer rides we saw all night.) [video]

Buuutttt, after the rider falls off the bull, there's this cowboy on a horse who's job it is to round up the bull and get it back in the pen. And a lot of the time he's got to pull out his trusty lasso to get the job done. We saw it work a few times, but when he missed, man, tough crowd. video

By the way, these guys are good, but they're sure no dpstyels97. [from 2004]

Becca: "If this thing is sponsored by PBR, why are we buying $7 Buds?"
Me: "I think PBR stands for Professional Bullriders."
Becca: "Soooooooooooo!"

Rodeo = good times, though it's a lot of the Same Thing over and over. We got this txt from eagle-eye Krucoff just just before halftime.

... so we trekked up to the cheap seats to find Krucoff + Gage + KoStar (strangely sitting one row behind Andy.M from ITP). Sure enough they had the binoculars...

... which are good when you're 800 miles away...

... and a great for making long-range, through-the-binoculars, bull ridin' digicam videos! (A trick I learned from taking pics of the Mount Snow summit through the telescope). Works pretty good! [video]

(Stoopid Chris Gage: "that'll never work")

I recommend the one with the backhoe.

Luckily, Bec and I escaped any Coney Combo temptation (er, hot dog wrapped in a kinish).

Quiz: Hot dog closeup or pepperoni nip slip?

While in line for beers #4 and #5, we ran into this guy who had his grandma's face mounted on his belt buckle. I'm 20% making fun of this, 80% reminding myself to get one with Gam's pic for Rodeo 2008.

And then we passed these two iBanker twins. Seriously?

Oh, and then we had some lady take our picture standing in front of this kind-of-life-sized cowboy cutout. Which was awesome...

... until we realized you could climb ontop of this make-believe bull and take your photo, which was awesome...

... until we saw these ATVs you could climb all-over and pretend to be doing mad X-Games trix. I couldn't decided which was more awesomer...

... so I put both of these online. These fine ladies are from Lou Kosco's PowerSports in NJ (she gave me her card!).

Hmmm... maybe they can cut me a deal on JJ's wedding gift? Jackie, what color you want?

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