Wednesday January 24, 2007

blog ghetto brawlers, reprezent!

Alex just forwaded me Chris Shott's "Blog Ghetto" piece which appeared in the NY Observer today. Thanks for the tdrama + dball shoutout, but Mr. Shott...

Verbal spats are common, particularly when the neighborhood’s most argumentative old-school blogger, Andrew Krucoff, is involved. But no blogger could recall an actual fistfight.

... what?! Have you not heard the story of me and Andy Krucoff brawling outside the old Barramundi (before it moved to Clinton) back in 1998? We were there for some Jupiter event (Krucoff, I think this is the same night you were trying to pick a fight w/ A.Piras's boyfriend for being French and wearing acid wash jeans)... anyway, a whole crew of us where there and somehow 20 drinks led to me and Krucoff out on the street circling each other, dukes up (... maybe I was trying to protect Piras' honor? Karate Kid II style?) when some random guy in an *ice cream truck* drove down Ludlow street at like 2am (!!), saw us punching at each other, got out of his truck and gave us the 'Whoa whoa - you guys are FRIENDS! You don't want to do this!" speech, which was apparently a good enough reason for us to head back inside and finish our >insert whatever we were drinking back in the dot com heydays here>

So there.

Oh, dball plug below (thanks, Lock). Alex + Kevin's monoki.com also got a shoutout - so old school!). You can read the whole thing here.
Still, a new blogger-centric faction has emerged. A number of prominent bloggers use Dodgeball, a social-networking service for your cell phone, created by Lower East Side denizen and Teendrama blogger Dennis Crowley, that alerts subscribers to your whereabouts and vice versa.

"I’d say it’s more the Dodgeball scene that now rules L.E.S., not the bloggers per se,” said Mr. Steele, himself a Dodgeball member, “but the difference between the two scenes might take an anthropologist to sort out."

Any yeah, I'm real behind on the tdrama again. Things you may have missed out on:

+ John Carney got hit by a car (broken leg, but he's doing okay)
+ I just bought an apt (!! - 8th and B. Floorplans + pics = soon.)
+ Since this ski season sux, I booked a trip to Beaver Creek in Feb (see: 06) and Whistler in March (see: 06)
+ Everyone's at Sundance this week (sniffle)
+ Becca and I went to the rodeo (um, sooo 3 weeks ago). Someday I'll post those pics.
+ Oh, and I'm finally all booked for SXSW in March (Austin, TX). Anyone else going?

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