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holiday party season 2006 recap (and some ITP show, tree trimmings, 11 spring street action, etc.)

I'm going to try to sum up all of Holiday Party Season 2006 in one post... so let's rewind to last weekend (no, not this past weekend, but the weekend before - 12/9). After telling J that I wasn't going to get a Christmas tree this year, he + Jackie left this makeshirt Charlie Brown Tree outside my apt (which was the nicest thing ever, so thanks). Looks like it's made of a 2 inch piece of leftover stump and a busted off branch. Awesome.

I think that was Saturday night - yes, another night at Marshall Stack - where I ran into none other than my date Medway High's Ring Dance back in 1992, Maria.P! (you may remember Maria.P from such adventures as Thanks.g 05 or Caroline's txt msg banter from Thanks.g 06.)

ps: Ring Dance = where all the sophomores get their class rings! (, dur)

Since these prom photos seem to be a teendrama crowd favorite, here's #3 (of 9!) in the series. Oh, and the reinctment from 2005 here. [Flickr]

Tuesday. Me + Courtney hit up the Pokemon Holiday Party courtesy of McS's invite. You know, the last time we hit a Pokemon party it was a slamming hip hop dance party till the wee hours of the am. For the holiday season, they took a weird turn and hired some transvestite female impersonators (Streisand, Cher, Madonna) which is weird cause it's Pokemon(, right?). And they sub'ed out the hip hop dance party for an employee lip sync contest (huh?) where the winner (chosen by Pokemon CEO) was this girl who took off her top while dancing shaking around to a Shakira track (no singing involved). Huh.

Anyway, this pic = some poor guy who didn't realize the Madonna impersonator was actually a dude. Here he is trying to give him/her the hand-under-the-ass reacharound (this pic would have much uglier has I taken it 20 seconds earlier - he was seriously *all up* in this dude's grill).

To top it off, there was a raffle at the end and just as me + Courtney were walking out - holy shit! - they called our number! So we raced back to the stage to grab our loot from the tranny emcee but *some other girl* had already run up and claimed our prize! Of course, no one was checking numbers and we weren't going to protest at the Pokeon Holiday Party but come'on! Who does that! (btw, I dunno what the prize was - they were all wrapped up). Huh. We promptly left with our goodie bags (Pokemon calendar, Pokemon bathrobe, 2 Pokemon chocolate bars, Pokemon bottle of wine) and headed downtown.

Thursday = Happy Corp holiday party down at Lolita! Besides the woman with crazy eyeshadown (not to mention 14-year old son) who left DRUGS for me in the bathroom (Mom, Denny = drug free!) the night was pretty uneventful. I was also kind of hopped up on cold meds since I've had the BF (bird flu) for like 10 days straight now.

Oh the way out, Becca and I passed this fully decorated tree that was just left on the street. I like to think that Carlo's gf threw him out of the house - "...and take this fucking tree with you!" style - and so he just left it on the street for some happier couple to come by and claim it.

Friday was the opening night of 11 Spring Street. For anyone in NYC, everyone has already blogged the shit out of this (NYTimes, Gothamist #1, Gothamist #2, Wooster Collective Flickr), buuuuuttttt for everyone else: On the corner of Spring + Bowery there's this old building that's become one of the more well known landmarks for street art in NYC. Some developer (read: Rupert Murdoch's son) bought the building and is about to turn it into condos, but before they start demolition / construction, they invited all the big name artists who have covered the outside walls of the building over the years to use the space as a makeshift three-day gallery.

The building was open all weekend long (I heard the line to get in was crazy), though Xtina snuck me on the VIP list for Friday's opening (thx!)

Five floors were open and every part of every wall was covered. I'm not saavy enough to know the who-did-what of everything (for that check with Jake.D, but this is Suicide Bombers.


???. (I like this lots, btw)


Adam and Ali from Skewville representing. Looks like little Gmail icons, no?

I also took a quick 360 video of all five floors...

1st Floor. [video]

2nd Floor. [video]

3rd Floor. [video]

4th Floor. [video]

5th Floor. [video]

Outside. Blacking out windows = clever. [video]

When we left, we hit up Shannon + Natasha's party down the street. Vitamins for Dummies? (Alex, you want this for Xmas?). Then we hit my apt (laptop dropoff), then back Shannon's (lost Treo) and then to 288 (huh?) and then zzzzzz cause I was all hopped up on the cold meds (again).

Saturday. I spent some quality time with Mike.S trying to tame the beast that is Boost Mobile + GPS + iDen developer environment (nerds unite!) before we gave up and headed out to Brooklyn for Le Shirk's tree Trimming. You can't roll up to no tree trimming partee empty handed, so we picked up this reindeer made from discarded Christmas Tree pieces ($15, 6th Ave and W 3rd St.)

... and for scale. I've never been to a tree trimming party before - you get to make yer own ornaments! And then hang them on someone else's tree! Sweet! They had all these little blank clay ornaments which were pre-made (damn you digicam for not taking any photos!) so we colored them in with markers and then hung them up. Mine broke when I tried to stick a hook through it though. Clay said he found the broken piece and glued it back together (though I don't believe him for a second).

Saturday night I logged a few quality hours kicking ass at Wii Tennis before heading to Meghan + Suzannah's uptown (er, 13th Street). Me + Dianne dusted their cookies off pretty quick (look at the mini red tree and the mini green tree - hahahahahahahha. Perhaps even, sm.ini - ha!)

More pics here and here. (Smugmug? Who uses Smugmug???)

I missed the gift exchange, but learned plenty from what Akshay scored.

Next! Onto Alli.M's party in the W.Village. To prove to all the non-believers wrong, I demonstrated that if Jesus can walk on salsa, he can probably walk on water. (For the record, Jesus didn't do so well on the guac.)

Sunday! Me and Ms. C hit up the ITP show (it's tonight! go!). Some of my favorites:

BotaniCalls - A plug-in for your plants that allows your plants to call you when they need watering!

SpeedDial - Race cars controlled by your voice (louder = faster!)

And in the background...

Megahone 3000 - Think multi-player Wario Ware projected and controlled through your mobile.

Other favorites:

VlogBot - Pecan's proposed scheme for browsing / searching YouTube content on TV (keyword search shows 5 seconds each for 20 videos)

Potato Walking - Pedometer that connects to a TV and only lets you watch for as long as the energy you generated by walking.

CabTrails (no link, sorry) - Visualizations generated from the GPS trip logs of cabs in SF

Oh the way out, I spied my old locker... which still has the stickers me and my ITP gf put on our lockers to express our LOVE back in the day. Of course, when we broke up she peeled her stickers off. Jerk!

Moving on.... post ITP show I hit up Josh and Ann's tree trimming party. Another tree trimming = wooo hoooo! There was also a gift exchange - oops, I didn't bring a gift, but that *didn't matter* since there was an abundance of gifts! So, I got...

... this sweet bird that has a motion sensor built in. When you come near it, it makes bird sounds. Awesome!

I hid it in the tree hoping that it'll haunt Josh and Ann for the next few weeks. Surprisingly, the only person at the party who even noticed the constant mechanical chirping was Ben Meth's wee little daughter. She kept yelling "Birdie!" (and I had to be all "Ssssshhh - don't tell anyone!")

Oh, and tree trimming! I made this slamming cat ornament. No broken clay pieces this time!

Andy + Randy made this box-thing. We stuck eyes on it and then cut off a lock of Krucoff's hair to give it that extra real-life-moustache look. Hot!

Let's put that one right here...

... right next to the makeshift Christmas Tree with Dollar Signs ornament. Hahahaha.

And that's pretty much it. Maybe not the end of Christmas Party season since I've still got ITP Show Round 2 tonight, followed by the Mobile Monday party (nerds unite! again!) and then Gothamist tomorrow (pow!) and Mandy and Cat on Wed... but hey, better to update the teendrama now than, say, never, right?

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