Friday December 8, 2006

teendrama week in review (read: lawrence's karaoke bday blowout)

Friday afternoons sure are good for puttin' together some teendrama recaps!

Monday. Happy Repeal Day. LVHRD celebrated with a anti-prohibition casino night / dance party at the Player's Club near Grammercy Park (awesome, btw - check out their recap). A few poker tables upstairs, burlesque show downstairs and lots of people trying to cheat their way through cards and invent ways to scamming chips off people (push up contests, chips-for-nips trades - ha!). I arm wrestled Jake.D all the way to victory. Random bit of trivia from Matt Spangler: The Player's Club used to be the apartment of John Wilkes Booth's brother. (A few mins ago I had accused Spangler of being a LIAR after I confused Booth's brother w/ Aaron Burr's ficticious brother. Ha. I am sm.dumb sometimes.)

Checked my chips on the way out of LVHRD and headed down to meet KK + Lock + crew at Villedge Public House Stanton Public. We dressed Courtney up real nice in this ninja scarf. (Rumor has it we may start dj'ing here???)

Wednesday. Anyone remember the Guitar Hero fundraiser from last year? Held last year at Barcade, Joel from Gizmodo invited a whole bunch of people to some try out Guitar Hero for (brand new!!!) and donate some money to the Children's Hospital of Montefiore. Maybe 50 people showed up? It was much fun (and yes, I did end getting Guitar Hero for Xmas that year).

Anyway, they did it again this year and it was *packed*. Like 200 people? There was even a tournament (read: nerds. decked. out.) Started at 8p, I got there around 9 and it seemed like the place was at capacity. Rumor has the sign up sheet to play was all filled by 8:10p. Huh.

Thursday. Man, it was freezing last night (like 25 degrees!) and stoopid me only wore a hoodie to work (it was like 50 degrees that morning!). Anyway, I met Dianne at UCB and then Kevin.K at Bleecker Bar and then Courtney at One and One before trekking in the cold over to 2A to meet up w/ Everyone Else in the World. On the agenda was Lawrence's karaoke bday party @ The Annex and I was ttthhhiiiisss close to skipping cause it was just so so so cold. But we walked over anyway. And, it. was. amazing.

First of all, starting today everyone should be wearing a tux on your birthday. It's just makes sense. By the way, I took this about 3 mins after we walked in. The two guys in the background are the emcees (Karaoke Killed the Cat) [video]

Battjer is to karaoke what Ted Williams is to baseball. 40 years from now I'll be bragging to my grandkids about how I saw the legend once perform on a crappy little stage in the Lower East Side. If you don't watch the whole thing, at least watch until the guy in the red shirt starts benchpressing the mic stand. Hahahahahahah. [video]

Kevin fires up some Dancing in the Dark. Alex says "predictable." I say, "thank you, Kevin".

About two months ago, I started carrying a piece of paper in my wallet with my karaoke-wish-list songs on it. Come'on, I can't tell you what's on it, but I will tell you that the first song on the list has been that song that plays during the bicycle boogie scene in Rad. Anyway, Wednesday night I found it, er, it found me and, man, it felt like Jesus was right there singing next to me. [video]

Harry.H showed up at one point. I cued up some "Welcome to the MotherFucking Jungle" for him. Slayed.

Then Battjer threw down his staple - Gloria - and the crowd just went apeshit.

Ran and Dannielle countered with some <um, what?>

But Battjer and Mandy (?) bounced back with <er, something else?>

It's all getting hazy. And then's when karaoke stage dance party breaks out.

I grabbed my hoodie and took off around 3am. This guy was *rocking it* on the way out. God bless.

Okay, one more just because I don't know where else to put this. A few months ago (10/13) Alex and I hit up the Digital Life show at the Javits Center. Play with new phones + PCs + video games, blah blah blah... anyway, they had this fake American Idol contest set up to promote the new Karaoke Revolution game for PS2. I sang. And slayed. But I also signed a wavier saying they could do anything with the footage (they were videoing it like crazy) and I fear I may have ended up in the promo video. Huh. Don't tell Mom.

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