Sunday November 26, 2006

post thanksg catch up :: kevin.k's day #31

Happy post Thanksgiving... and I'm 10 days behind again. Before I left town to drown myself in Zelda, I survived Kevin K's bday throwdown at Lorley Saturday night. Me + Alex + Kevin dj'ed.

Remeber a few weeks ago - that bender of an evening @ Marshall Stack - when Katie's bf Matt spilled a glass of wine all over Kevin? Katie swore she had the technology to fix it (hough we all said it was impossible). Come Saturday though she wrapped up KK's most favoritist shirt and brought it along. Clean as a whistle!

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever? He had to hold it up to Loreley's Playmobile terrarium to double check. Well done, Shoops!

Oh, and besides the slamming hip hop dance party, the other big news of the evening was that Jonathan and Jackie got engaged (!!!). Word spread quickly via the magic of text messaging. Not to be outdone, I reinacted the scene with a face-blacked-out-to-protect-the-innocent Caroline...

... and sub'ed in this awesome lava-rock thing.

Oh, hello there Jill and Steve. Jill was whispering sweet nothings in my ear - sweet nothings along the lines of "nobody wants to hear Def Lepard! Play more Michael Jackson!" (SHUT UP!)

Me + Steve took a turn guarding the door downstairs armed with this fake guestlist (aka: Kevin's playlist). "Hmm.. I don't see an Amanda on the list, are you sure you're name's not Spinto Band? Outfield perhaps?" Reminds me of the time I almost got punched in the face at Back Room for fake-checkign some Euro dude's ID ("Hmm... I dunno. Do you have anything else?")

3am and on the way out. Not sure where the streamers came from...

(... or who these crunked ladeeez are?)

Anyway, this was pertty much the end of things Loreley. I found a CD at Loreley and set the DJ station on autopilot before heading to meet KK and crew @ Sing Sing. (er, more people dancing on autopilot than when we were dj'ing! Assholes!)

After a short cab ride Uptown we found the Kevin.K Memorial Karaoke Stadium as packed as it's ever been (read: as crowded at A+K's wedding).

ps: Hey, who's that girl on the right?

Summer hearts Dancing in the Dark.

My apologies in advance to the Carney/Kearny brothers, but I couldn't just throw away footage fromt the 360 Karaoke Cam(TM). [video]

More. This is a few minutes before The Manager came in and told us NO DANCING ON THE TABLES WITH SHOES ON. (Argyle socks = fine tho)

Ali + Lock.

Jess C. busting out <something amazing here>.

QUIZ: Dennis wooed the crowd with some ______________.

a. Def Lepard "Hysteria"
b. GnR "Patience"
c. Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead or Alive"
d. all of the above

The answer = d. If you answered (c) I probably would have taken my shirt off. Thankfully this is less than 2 seconds long. [video]

A blur. Pitchers in process of being knocked over.

NYU class of 06 representing. I like the timing on the orange digicam, though not as much as I like seeing Carney up in Summer's bizness.

And girls slapping each others asses?

Shoops lost her Karaoke Virginity with Ziggy Stardust to end things around 4:30. It was pretty ugly. God bless the Sing Sing folks for treating us like bday VIPs. Special thanks to everyone who chipped in at the end.

5:30a = zzzz
11:30a = awake
12:00p = picked up my Zelda
1:00p = on the Amtrak back to Boston (Thanks.g pics soon)

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