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Wednesday November 15, 2006

field trip back to medway: stacey's wedding + pats/colts @ foxboro

Okay, so only 12 days late on this one. I skipped town, er, two weeks ago (11/4) to head back to Medway. Agenda: Stacey.A's wedding on Saturday and the Pats / Colts game on Sunday.

A wee bit of drama on Thursday = my car was dead. I hadn't taken it out of the lot since the last trip to the beach. Jonathan and I had to Google up some jump-startin' instructions from his Blackberry. Jesus says: make sure the red parts doesn't touch the black parts.

And since when did the price of gas drop a dollar? Hoo-boy! (Seriously, last time I filled up in Hamptons it was like $4.15/gallon).

By the way, no, I *did not* stop at Wendy's (though I did get stuck in about an hour of stand still traffic on 91 - "traffic fatality" said the local police dept when I called to find the quickest way around the mess.)

Driving home alone = a good excuse to empty out my apartment. Surfboard + snowboard gear = I'm like Johnny Extreme!

I made a field trip to the mall on Saturday (new jeans = no more hole in the balls!) and then took the hoverpod to the carwash to vacuume out all sand from the beach. Stoopid carwash wind tunnel blew letters right off on my truck. Hello eBay!

Oh, so Saturday night... Stacey's wedding! Stacey = my next door neighbor (and younger sister of my Bestest Friend Forever growing up, Mike.A - teendrama fans may know Mike from such adventures as Halloween 2003 and Beaver Creek 06).

Anyway, Stace married this guy named Mike a few months ago down in [insert carribean island here] and then scheduled the post-wedding dance party / reception in the town next to ours (Franklin, MA) for when she got back.

Jodi (Stacey + Mike's sister) gave a slamming Maid of Honor speech. Best man's speech was stereotypically, er, awesome ("Stace and Mike, Mike and Stace...")

Me + Katie + Mom + Dad all got seated together at lucky table #15 with such special guest stars as: the twin Wilmer Sisters (Laurie and Julie)! By the way, that's Mike.A laying the mack down in the background.

Overheard: "Girl, if you'd like an exotic drink, allow me to travel around the globe and sample the various drinks of indigenous cultures. I will write down the recipes carefully. I will bring back all the ingredients, and then I will make the drinks for you. I will bring the glasses to your lips one by one, and you can tell me which exotic drink is your favorite. If you don't like the exotic drinks I make, I will go back to even more exoticer locations and find drinks that you do enjoy. If you don't like the exotic drinks I make, I will go back to even more exoticer locations and find drinks that you do enjoy." Or not.

And also at Table #15... my ex-gf / prom date Andrea.J!

... who I haven't seen in forever. Tdrama fans may also recognize AJ from the calendar my Dad got for Christmas 2002... [smartass comments on Flickr]

... which looks strikingly smiliar to this Hawaiian Tropic contest pic I found on AJ's digicam.

Moving on, dinner = ribs! Steak tips! Chicken wings! Delicious!

Big Dig loves his ribs.

Me + AJ. Over dinner AJ spilled the beans about the time she was over this one night (1992?) without my parents supervision (!!) - Mom and Dad went out for dinner or something. Me + AJ were home MAKING OUT when they came home unexpectedly early (!!, again!) and so I hid her in my crawl-space-of-a-closet for like two hours, leaving her with a flashlight and a Calvin and Hobbes book. And then, when Mom and Dad went to bed, I snuck her our of the house and drove her home in my Mom's big, red Aerostar van. It was awesome.

Katie + Jodi.

Mom + Dad, slow jam style

Team Wolverine vs. Team Wilmer Twins.

Dig gone wild. That lady in the bg was hounding him all night.

Back in the day, when Mike and I were like 8 we used to beat up on this kid down the street named Eric Schultz (who, strangely, was actually older than us). I can't remember what the big deal was over - throwing rocks at him at the bus stop or maybe we chopped down his tree fort - whatever it was, one day Mike and I were walking up his driveway and there was Eric blocking our path. We were just talking to him and then out of the blue he *punched me in the face*! And right after he hit me his Mom popped our from behind a rock (!!) and gave the two of us a stern lecture about terrorizing her son. Huh. No blood, but I did get a fat lip out of it. I think Mrs. Anderson then called Mrs. Schultz and yelled at her for letting Eric punch me in the face.

Even stranger now that I write this up is that I actually think me + Eric were friends. He had cooler Legos than me (he had the Medieval ones with swords, I just had the plain 'ol Legotown ones) and he was the first kid I knew to have the Cobra Terrordrome.

Oh, anyway, here's me + Mike reinacting it 20 years later.

(by the way, the night ends with a five-person after party at some bar up the street. Good times!)

And, next morning, I made the trek from Medway -> Sturbridge -> Providence to pick up Alex and Kevin. They both braved the Amtrak from NYC so we could hit Sunday night's Pats / Colts game.

Good ol' British Jess came through with directions leading me through downtown Providence and right into the Amtrak station. Thanks!

I was still about 20 mins late. Sorry about that. We drove back to Medway, picked up Big Dig and made our way to Foxboro.

We went early with the intent of lounging in the high roller club...

... though we got there too late to get seats. So we sat on the floor while dining on chicken fingers and $7 Bud Lights.

Yeah, it was pretty cold (though not as cold as Eskimo Bowl, Pats vs. Titans 2004). Kevin brought his A-list scarf.

Big Dig wore his leather jacket with the map of South American stitched inside just in case we got lost.

I Fat Denny'd it up. I had some chicken fingers. And then a hot dog. And then some chowder. If I was able to find the lobster roll stand I would have had one of those suckers too.

By the way, Foxwood Chowder (aka Legal Seafoods Chowder?) = delicious.

Eh, the game was okay. The Pats pretty much got smoked. Either Brady can't throw or the other dudes can't catch. This was my first Pats game of the season (and I didn't hit Fenway once all year - I know, I know) but what happened between last year and this year so that *everything* is now an ad? Every conceivable thing that can be sponsored is sponsored. In between every play they're running ads. At every timeout they're running ads. I think the actual timeouts were branded. At least once a minute the loudspeaker guy comes on and announces something-something that is sponsored by the local Ford dealership, etc.

It looked pretty crappy from early on in the game. Brady threw an interception, but the Pats defense was doing okay against the Colts first real drive. We had them at 3rd and 15 when Manning threw a 40-something yard completion that quieted Foxboro down pretty quick...

Brady looked long down the left sideline to Doug Gabriel and threw into heavy coverage. Antoine Bethea came up with the interception and ran the ball out of the end zone to the 32 where the Colts began their first drive of the game. That drive looked in jeopardy when Manning threw two straight incompletes and Tarik Glenn was flagged for a false start. On third and 15, Manning scrambled away from Richard Seymour and looked downfield, connecting with Marvin Harrison for a 44 yard completion to the Patriots 29. That play sparked a 9-play, 68 yard touchdown drive capped by a 5-yard pass to Harrison that made him the all-time career Colt touchdown leader. [more]

... and as soon as the play was completed, they cued up that ubiquitous Peyton Manning Sprint commerical on the big screen. Now I'm sure it's just a coincidence ("run the Sprint ad on the 3rd slot in the 1st quarter") but it stars Peyton Manning! Just after the 3rd and 40 pass! And after the interception! And he's wearing a fake moustache! I've never heard a stadium boo so loudly.

Anyway, Pats lose it 20-27. I never found the lobster roll lady.

Next morning. The three of us crashed at Mom + Dad's place and took the early Amtrak back to NYC. Alex = sleepytime.

As seen in the Providence train station. Could this foreshadow the triumphant return of No Data? (Hint: don't miss Kevin's bday party @ Loreley this Saturday 11/18 and mark your iCals for Friday Dec. 8! Ssssh!)

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