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Friday November 3, 2006

halloween 06 and the penthouse trifecta of awesomeness

Oh, Halloween on a Tuesday, you're so tricky. See, last year Halloween fell on a Monday, meaning that since Monday touches the weekend, people are more apt to dress up *all weekend long* (hence last year's Four Days of Halloween).

But this year, Halloween fell on a Tuesday, which makes it easier to stand-by the "Halloween is only one night a year. I'm only dressing up one night a year" rule. Most of us avoided Carney's collection of 50 Brooklyn-based Halloween parties over the weekend (sorry Mandy. Hey, I even skipped Battjer + Farb's + Scott.F's throwdowns... so, sorry about that too), instead opting to save it up for Tuesday night's Flavorpill party.

About 800 of us met up at Dusk Lounge beforehand, including such teendrama regulars as (let's try to do this left to right):Lindsey (gymnist?), Kevin.K (Marty McFly!), Alison (er, zombie? what?), Becca (Audrey Hepburn), Courtney (someone from Life Aquatic?), Dianne (Robert Palmer guitar girl?), Anne (slutty BoPeep), Jen (crazy spider legs), Grellan (Crocodile Dundee Tom Selleck Burt Reynolds) and me (Slutty R2D2).

Slutty R2D2 = old Amazon box + $33 worth of Filene's basement lingerie (two 36C bras, three pairs of XL panties). I sent this cameraphone pic to my Mom.

I guess she disapproved.

Wait, these pics are out of order. I forgot that we met at the Magician first and *then* took the subway to Dusk. But whatever.

Wise ol' Will McD says: "Even though I was really happy with my costume, I have to say that Kevin was the best by farů Any time you can pull of a Michael J. Fox costume you are IT."

We journeyed over to Flavorpill around 11p, cued up in the huge line outside, battled the evil doorgirl (who strangely didn't have any of our names on the list - sweet!) and then made our way through the, what?, six different rooms o' dance parties.

Ran into a bunch of special guest friends: Cat vs. Funlap.

Dens vs. Sloan.

Dude vs. cage. (about 20 seconds later, Johnny Huge Bouncer yanked him out)

Robot Courtney (in Spangler's future suit?) vs. bump n' grind Grellan.

Overall, the scene was okay. I liked last year's set up better (@ Supper Club) = bigger venue, much more open, much less commuting between different rooms. Also, each room had a different DJ, though each DJ was playing trance music. Can I get a little hip hop dance party please? Or at least some music with words in it?

Best act of the night was the emcee who came on in between downstairs acts. Some guy named Killa Kela who does the sickest human beatbox thing I've ever done seen. Seriously, watch the video

Oh, so anyway, we left kind of early. Through the magic of text messaging, we figured out everyone was heading to Seth Herzog's party down the street at 230 Fifth. I stole this pic from Becca, but it's the evil Matt Spangler Robot battling the good forces of, um, Alison.K? Sure! [Flickr]

Okay, so walking... if my camera didn't suck so much, this would be so arty! (ps: just got a new SD630 today! Look out!)

So, we roll into this penthouse party, elevator to 20th floor, and it's packed with crunked people in costumes. Seriously, penthouse + roof deck + hip hop dance party = a trifecta of awesomeness. (Nevermind that the middle section reeked of throw up and, costumes off, I'm 800% sure this place is filled with the worst worst worst banker d.bags in all of NYC).

Er, pretty much met up with everyone in the world at 230 Fifth. K.Flip and crew rolled in with McD + Matt.U + Christian.B who were all coordinated up as MySpace. Will had a polaroid to "add friends" on the fly... some of his best work:

I mean, girl wrapped up in a Fifth Element costume? That's pretty hot. Not as hot as R2 beating up a nerd robot though. Nerd! [bigger]

Meanwhile, me + Dianne were all up in Tribe Called Quest's bizness when who rolls in but Danny Denver of SXSW fame (and special guest sidekick Austin)!

Three drinks later and MySpace is sending winks and pokes over to Slutty BoPeep.

Meanwhile, I was slowdancing Richard Marx style with Adam's girl on the rooftop (Sorry dude)

Around 3am (and after eight too many $7 beers) I think we all started to call it quits. I left w/ McD + crew.

Late night. Cab to LES, a quick stop into Parkside to see if Lucas was still alive (and say hi to the milliner) and then, sick of being stuck in a box all night, I left R2D2 to die on the corner. You slut.

More pics:
+ K.Flip (Kodak Gallery? For real? Get on the Flickr!)
+ Courtney (Flickr)

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