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Monday October 9, 2006

teendrama week (and weekend) in review (mcd's 27th + danners' 30th)

I had to trek out west for a few days for G stuff last week. Got in Tues night (Jet Blue!), came back Thurs afternoon (Jet Blue!). On both flights, the JetBlue CEO was on-board doing his "I like to relate to the little people" thing. He handed out chips and drinks and answered questions. I should have asked why ABC wasn't one of the DirectTV channels and when we were getting wi-fi, but alas, I fell asleep. Yawn. For these weekday trips, I've been staying in Mountain View (about 40 miles east of SF). Ugh.

Anyway, I met Durango for lunch on Wednesday. We sampled some of the finest foods that building #47 has to offer [Smoove]. I'm ashamed of how much food I consumed - I literally couldn't fit any more little plates on my tray (lobster thing + steak thing + lasagna + tuna steak + scallops). Stoopid Fat Denny.

And then after stuffing my face over lunch, I met Nat and Alisa for dinner in SF (Puerto Allegra, Mission district?). I had a burrito the size of a baby's torso. I like Nat's gangster double-point.

Though Nat left us early (teacher + hangover = no good), me + Alisa + special friend (MAKE OUT!) went to see a band at Edinburght Castle. Special guest Pam.B showed up late night - just before we hit up Hemlock Tavern and met up w/ Manlio + Jenn + Sean. I somehow made it back to my hotel in Mt. View around 1am.

Thursday. I took the afternoon flight back, which means I stood in the longest security line you've ever done seen. Seriously, 500 people long? After I made it all the way through, Little Ms. TSA confiscated my deoderant, toothpaste and shaving cream because I refused to get out of line (!!) to buy a $0.50 ziplock bag to put the stuff in. The world is safer.

I got stuck in the middle seat on the way back (that's whay you get for changing your flight last minute). To my right some chatty girl from Boston, to my left some kid who was studying for the H&R Block Tax exam. I really really really wanted to take a pic of this, but the poor kid had a three-ring binder that was like four inches thick and spent the whole flight filling out practice 1099s, W2s and 1040s the way you'd practice logic puzzles on the SAT. Oh man, I really can't think of anything worse.

Landed back in NYC around 10pm. Dropped my shit at home and headed to Parkside for Will McD's bday.

Rob took some Flickr pics. We somehow ended up at the Soho House around 3am (which was retarded).


Saturday. While sitting in a cab in traffic on Delancey, I spied this dude in the car next to me. Sorry no teendrama pic - all you get is the text message which I sent to the Upoc Celeb Sightings list (go Upoc!!). Some dude wrote me back immediately. Some other dude replied 5 mins later with "quit". Ha, sucker!

West village? = Danner's 30th bday party @ Spotted Pig! I accidentially crashed Tim Robbin's bday party on the 2nd floor (me to Susan Sarandon, "yes, but how do I get to the third floor?"). Lots of faces I didn't recognize, but of those I did, it was like the Jupiter R.A. Hall of Fame. We got some Stevie.C ("got new pants!"), Heather.d, Lattistar (now with broken wrist!), Denny New Jeans, The Krucoff, Epstein, Dannielle the bday girl, and Chris + Kelly.

ps: R.A. = Research Associate @ Jupiter = my first job!

Surprise, surprise - Fat Andy's got his Fat Fingers all up in the cake. Come'on man!

And next, onto the Annex for Ran.T's bday (yes, yes, yes, more Flickr). Lots of ITP kids floating around. Ran into Andy.M who gave me his new biz card - an 87 Topps Marty Barrett baseball card with his contact info stuck on the back, which is my favorite thing because (a) 87 Topps, (b) Marty Barrett and (c) of the five 87 Topps cards he had in his wallet, I was lucky enough to draw my favorite Red Sox 2B-man. Rad.

Sunday? Ah, lazy. Did anyone see Steven Johnson's piece in the NYT mag? I liked it. I looked at a few apts, watched the Eagles game, made some delicious chicken + sausage thing for dinner? Yawn.

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