Wednesday October 4, 2006

saturdays are for back-to-back-to-back-to-back birthday parties

Hey, I'm not even a week late with this one! Last Friday me + Courtney + Dianne took a field trip over to the Javits Center to check out the Wired Next Fest - a science fair's worth of all the stuff you read about in Wired magazine. We got there around 1pm, I paid my $12 to get in (NYU student rate, sucka!) and walked around and checked-out such half-broken exhibits such as this magic tech door... which is supposed to open a custom-sized space for you to walk through... but something was broken so I ended up having to step and rotate and squeeze my way thru (which made the guy that built it mad because some Japanese TV show was filming my twisty entrance).

Saturn's hybrid car exhibit (complete with mini projected hologram man) = boring.

Saturn's project-whatever-message-you-want-onto-a-wall-of-virtual-grass thing = super!

Oh, and then there was the army of wifi bunnies that caused Courtney to go all AWOL. (ps: the room strangly smelled like rabbit poo. real rabbit poo. not robot rabbit poo. robots don't poo!)

Okay, so that was Friday DAY, and then Friday night (what did I do again?) Happycorp happy hour to <something else> to BackRoom to meet up w/ Steve and a very crunked Jill (and Jill's friend from Las Vegas on the left). We were posing to take this photo, steping back, back, backwards and then...

... Crunked Jill takes a digger, we all crashed down on this table of girls and their drinks, teacups spill, candle gets knocked on the rug (one girl yelled "FIRE!") and then we just rolled around on the floor for like two minutes. Crunked Jill was all "ooohhhhhhh my leeeegggggg" and we, of course, were all "whatever"...

... until she forwarded me this pic on Monday. Ha! Crunked Jill, you so crazy!

And SATURDAY. Ready for this? Can you handle *four birthday parties in one night*??? First up, Alex's 30th! We started with the 4:40 showing of Jackass 2 at Union Square (which was actually pretty amazing). While I was stoked over successfully smuggling 12 tallboys in with my backpack...

... KB (now KR???) had snuck in little gift bags for everyone (4th grade style!) complete with candy and little roll-the-ball-into-the-hole puzzles and little nips of Jaeger and tequila. Sweet!

Post movie we got f'ed by Patsy's pizza and their crappy reservation system (assholes!) so we journeyed to Prof Thom's for more fried food than you can imagine. And then...

... onto Doug 31st out in Williamsburg. I luckily caught the L train lickidy-split and didn't get mugged even once as I navigated my way through streets full of empty warehouses. Bday party #31 was held at Doug's gf's (Sloan!) dad's photo studio where they built this mugshot photo booth.

Me and Xtina did it up prom style.

As did about 800 others.

And NEXT, onto Sarah Bartlet's 28th (??) over at Barcade (just a few sketchy blocks away). No pics of sweet sweet Kalyna's new sweet sweet haircut. Special thanks to JM for the freeeeeeeee drink!

And THEN, back to Manhattan (caught the L again super quick. me + Saturday night = best train karma ever)...

... for Lauren's 30th. I tried to blindly snap a photo of Busty Lauren and Supertall Jill but here's how my centering worked out. Huh.

Again? Better.

I showed up a little late, so I caught the tail end of the food spread. Steve and I made nacho's using mini table candles. (read: brilliant!)

I left around 1am, tried to meet up w/ Alex and crew (who, no surprise, were just finishing up karaoke), but due to venue mixups + my stoopid 800-pound backpack + need for a nap, it just wasn't meant to be. Next = zzzzzzzzz.

Sunday. I hit up day #2 of Barcamp, a two-day nerd fest held (this time) at Microsoft's NYC office. Actually it was pretty great - about 100 or so tech folk talking about their projects / interests / etc. I was a judge for the "Entrepreneurial Improve Theater" contest (think: bullshit biz pitches), sat on a panel for Next Gen Web Apps and gave a talk on Pervasive Games (slides here). Buckets of fun! [Wired News recap]

Wait, that's it? Yup. Pretty exciting night, pretty boring pictures. Watched half of the Pats game on Sunday. Ate some chicken fingers w/ Ms. C. Took a nap? The end? (Boring)

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