Thursday September 28, 2006

"sometimes when you have a rollerskating party Roller Girl comes" - bdiz

Becca's bday = rollerskate dance party @ The Roxy. I got this through the magic email machine the other day...

It's $23 for a night of skating, including skate rental. The lady said we could "probably get an extra discount" ?, so say my name at the door. If there's a discount, they'll give it to you.If there isn't, I guess they'll look at you like you're an asshole. Please wear something awesome.

Me + Kevin + Courtney + Dianne + Grellan met up around 9:30 and waited patiently for the birthday girl to arrive (what the heck!). $18 to get in, $5 to rent skates... lots of drama in the skate rental line as inventory on girls' sizes was running low (and after they charged people $18 to get in, those fuckers!)

Anyway, inside was packed. A good mix of kindo-of normal people and crazy roller disco superfans.

For every half-dozen i-bankers with their ties tucked into their button downs, there's a dude in a mesh top making love to a giant lollipop. Oh, and lots of dolled up American Apparel girls (meow). I had to set my digicam on Kids and Pets Underwater mode to capture the lightning that is rollerdisco.

ps: I haven't been the the Roxy since, when?, Nat's bday in 2003?

You need to sign your life away before getting in. The idea of legally "rollerskating at one's own risk" = awesome. The only reason I even like this pic is beacuse I got in a slight verbal altercation with the manager (owner?) outside ("Why you gotta be taking pictures of that?").

Me + Courtney on the digivideo. Two beers + one shot of tequila is all it takes to unlock the secret powers needed to skate backwards, weaving at unimaginable speeds. [video]

Aprils' prom dress vs. The Jaeger Wig vs. Bdiz's sauciness. (My vote is for the sauciness)

I forgot my disco getup. Dianne styled me up so I'd look more Chelsea. I made only one lap before the lollipop dude starting following me around.

"Couples only for the next five minutes, please." I think I like the B.Boys version more...
Please Clear The Ice For The Zamboni
Thank You
Couples Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
And A
Special Round Of Applauds For Our Zamboni Driver MarioCaldato
Thank You
Thank You
We Have Coupons Avaiable For A Special For Childen Only From 4 To 6 On Thursday The 22nd
Thank You
We're Having A Sale On New Blades At The Skate Shop
Thank You
Honky Rink
White People Only For The Next Five Minutes Please
Booo Booo
Thank You
Around Around Around Around Around...

MAKE OUT! (btw, who brought the blogger? Get your meathook hand out of my photo, you trick!)

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