Friday September 22, 2006

pow pow! teendrama week in review!

Why hello Friday! A quick recap from the week?

+ I hit up Spring Lounge twice this week - a Tuesday night bender w/ Harry + Kearney + Carney crew and a rematch Thursday night with celebrity bloggers and Google kids. Both times the guy behind the bar *skipped over my jukebox tracks* (I didn't even know they could do that from behind the bar). Tuesday it was Lionel Richie Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (yeah yeah, I know) and last night it was some Ben Folds Five track (not my pick, I swear!). I revolted both nights. At least on Tuesday the bouncer gave me my dollar back.

+ Some friends of mine (and PacManhattan alumn!) are putting on a Big Urban Games festival in NYC this weekend called Come Out and Play. If running around in the streets is your thing, come battle me in Life-sized Space Invaders (awesome) and Identity (tonight @ 8p), StoryMashUp and CrossRoads (Saturday @ 12:30) and Payphone Warriors (!!, Sunday @ 12p)

+ Sat in on a consulting panel this week where someone brought up this guerilla campaign for John Mayer spoofing those ubiquitous "Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar!" flyers in NYC. Clever, though not as clever as Josh.D's camera phone game (out of my class at NYU, pow!) that spoofed them first.

+ That video above? From the GOOD Magazine launch party last night. Lots of white kids dancing (thank you + thank you + thank you, sweet Jesus that the digivideo machine didn't find us). Trapped outside for hours ("we're not letting any more people in till Al Gore leaves!") then trapped downstairs for hours ("Fire Marshall says no more people upstairs! The end!") and then discovering the secret fire escape warp zone to the hip hop dance party. I didn't take any pics, but whatever. ps: Gawker did.

+ Picked up a Nike+ kit this week (and *another* stoopid iPod since it only runs on the Nano). Huh? One piece plugs into your shoe, the other into your iPod and together they keep stats on your running habits / progress *and* let's you set up challenges with friends (most mileage in 10 days, first to 100 miles, etc). Email me if you want to battle.

+ Oh, and I've been getting emails all morning from friends who spotted me on CNN. Apparently they're running a piece on dball that we filmed a few months ago (this one?). Get yer Tivo on:

Friday on HLN between 6:30a-7a
Friday on HLN between 11a-11:30a
Friday on CNN between 11a-noon
Friday on CNN between 2p-3p
Friday on HLN between 6p-7p

Saturday on HLN between 9:30a-10a
Saturday on CNN between 10a-11a
Saturday on HLN between 12:30p-1p
Saturday on CNN between 4p-5p

Sunday on HLN between 8a-8:30a
Sunday on CNN between 9a-10a
Sunday on HLN 1p-1:30p
ps: HLN = CNN Headline News. And no, I didnt type up that schedule, they sent it to me(, you jerks.)

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