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Thursday September 7, 2006

quoteboard 2006 = only 9 months late!

This weekend, like two or three people gave me shit for not updating the quoteboard in, what, a year? So here, jerks.

(just kidding, I love you guys. ps: if you made the list, feel special.)

My favorites?

"Rad tricks = rad injuries"
- Jay's response to the news of Will's torn ACL (busted skiing). (4/24)

"Just went into your web and found nothing new in there. How is your telephone helmet working out?"
- My grandmother's way of complaining about the lack of teendrama updates (via email). Oh, and she's referring to my helmet cam. (4/3)

"Your family crest should be a tie fighter crashing into Mount Snow."
- Grellan, on the lack of wingmen available for apres ski activities. (11/27). (11/27)

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