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Friday September 1, 2006

VMA after party = a little banged up today.

Back in my Working-for-MTV days, I got to go to the VMAs. It was fun. I sat in the very very very last row (it was the Brittney + Madonna making out VMAs) and spent most of the time at the bar.

Anyway, since I'm 30 and b-list these days, no more VMAs for me. Instead I'm stuck trying to sneaking into after-parties with Krucoff and Carney (and Kearney), pretending we're on the press list for d-list blogs.

But just when you're thinking you're FD + old + b-list, it all works out and some dude named Bucky pulls you in with his entourage. (thanks for the mini-keg, btw)

And then you end up meeting up with the rest of your friends who scammed their way in. Hey, C + RJ are shooting the party for a record label? Can I get one of those VIP passes, please?

Sweet, thanks! To the green room! (a combination of Strong Island dbags and Johnny Smashing Pumpkins).

Green room = shorter line for the bar....

... and free bottles of tequila! (er, five finger discount) When we had enough of midtown, we hailed a town car (Six in the City!) and headed downtown...

... to the Annex. Was that even a VMA party? Either way, ran into Everyone I Know, had another 800 drinks, went to bed around 4am. I'm pretty banged up today. Summer friday pow pow!

Grellan: "you should petition mtv to have the VMAs monthly. dball traffic would triple."

ps: More pics from Lawrence and Brian.V. Who's Mandy?

ps2: Mandy = bassist for Stellastarr

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