Friday August 18, 2006

teendrama week in review! (extra action + dinner club + zolbert goodbye!)

Teendrama Week in Review! Live from Montauk! (me = on vacation for 10 days!). Woo-hoo!

Actually, I'm a wee bit behind. I got a good 50 photos from Alex's Bachelor Party that I still need to put online (maybe this wkd? Previews here). But today is all about, er, me + Dianne + Youngna roadtripping to Tribeca to check out Extra Action Marching Band at the Knitting Factory last Saturday.

Quick backstory: Sean.S dragged me to see them in SF a few weeks back and now I'm there #1 superfan (Pilot to Gunner, anyone?). Show was a little more tame than the one in SF (perhaps because the crowd didn't know what they were getting themselves into?)

Still marching-band-marching-through-the-crowd is pretty rad.

And color-guard girls (and boys) sporting traditional marching band attire, waving flags, climbing rafters, crawling on floors.

I tried my bestest to convince some of my friends from home (er, MF, Mike.d, Jon, Adam, Mom, Dad... you're all lame) to go check them out when they played in Boston last weekend, but I think everyone stayed home watching the teevee. [video]

They're playing in Brooklyn tomorrow night (Saturday). Go!

Rubulad at 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave.
Saturday 8/19, 11pm

Post show, met up w/ the kids who went on Lisa.S' fishing trip @ Back Room. Everyone stank of fish. I'm kind-of-clear on why Carney was rolling with rubber gloves, but whatever.

Fast-forward through a pretty uneventful week and we get Wednesday's mini-version of Dinner Club. Dinner Club = old school attempt to get all our Syracuse friends together once a month. All the dudes dropped out / got married / moved away, leaving me, five ladeeeeez and a better-than-you-would-have-expected lobster roll @ Elmo.

(five ladeeeez = Nat (in from SF!), Jackie, Jill, Lauren Hourse, Mel.W)

Dinner to drinks to signature shot at some pretentious spot in the meatpacking district.

Jill.S = engaged.

Mel.W = engaged.

DPS = rocking rings like my name was Chingy.

Jill and Nathania. (Seriously, Mel and Lauren, why are you never represented in these pics?)

"Jackie, try try try to keep your eyes open this time."

Back at my apt, spotted this sign in my lobby. Mr. Rico is my super. Who is apparently on the lam. [?]

Thursday night. Said my goodbyes at work, packed up the truck but before heading to Montauk, stopped by Alex.Z's going away party @ Solas. (teendrama superfans may remember Alex from the Rosie / Apt 9E glory days in the late 1990s or, more specifically, when that crazy mf'ing girl bit me in the arm at homecoming 1999.

Zolbert = moving to Singapore (!!) for a year? Two years? Forever? Good luck, dude!

And then I sat in traffic for like 40 mins on the LIE (Long Island Expressway!). Car in front of me had their bumper all lit up with gunfire (??? - or are those just stickers? Lame!). Either way, it's prob not the best idea to rear-end the car with the bullet holes as you're trying to take a pic of his car.

Now, it's 1:57pm on Friday and I'm out in Montauk. It's a little cloudy so I don't feel so bad about checking email while I'm at the beach. Plus I'm here for 10 days! Masterplan = learn to surf, don't get eaten by sharks.

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